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reaching the end

The voice inside
Made me feel that I can fly
And you'll be there by my side

We're the restless kind
Lay your broken dreams upon
be OK

You who replaced every beat that was false
And uptight like a metronome
You should've stayed 'cause that winter was long
But by dawn you were
If I go 

Will you be ok 

If I go away 

Wish that I could stay 

Say you'll be ok 


I can tell by the look in your eyes
a summer day
With a blue sky smile on your funny face
And a bird flew by singin'
?Everything's gonna be ok, yeah?

So we laughed all day with the man in
to be loved by anyone
It's not unusual to be fucked by everybody
It's not unusual to spend some time on yourself
Gonna make it all right
Say we'll
we're living on borrowed time

What would you do? What would you say?
How does it feel? Pretend it's OK
My eyes deceive me, but it's still the same
to survive, 
Tell me when we're gonna get it right
Just keep our heads to the sky, 
Kiss that stress and depression goodbye
to the watering hole

We're going, tiptoe
Back to the place that i know so
Oh wont you please just say so
'Cause i'm not gonna leave until you let me go
Oh midnight blue, oh
You were the restless one
And you did not care
That I was the trouble boy
Lookin' for a double dare

Things could be different
to check my weight
Won't be no sleep for me tonight, no
Gotta be hittin' Tulsa by first mornin' light

Call me a prisoner of the highway
be OK

Spilt my blood, in the Holy City
Seen the flood of a thousand rains
I ran away from the Holy City
Heard the spirits in the steeple singing
Never gonna leave

Burn the ships we're here to stay
There's no way we could go back
Now that we've come this far by faith
Burn the ships we've
Yeah, but I gotta leave you
When my restless heart says goodbye

Everybody knows my name
I'm Johnny Raven 
(It's Johnny Raven)
Yeah, yeah by
your side
By your side, by your side
We're letting go tonight!

Yesterday is gone and you will be OK
Place your past into a book
Burn the pages, let 'em
Restless like a river runnin' free
When he smiled I knew my heart would be 
He was gonna leave, That's the cowboy guarantee

That night
learned how to play by the rules 
Learning the hard way that innocent hearts must pay 
Said innocent hearts must

We got to stand together, yeah we
And there will be no consolation wreath
We may as well miss by a mile
As miss by the skin of our teeth
They all thought we were some sure thing
Come on Johnny, when you gonna get here?

Alright, hold your pretty horses. I'll be there in a minute
You just get yourself dolled up alright toots
You've got the will of a king and the heart of a child

Yeah so gimme a beat cause here I come.
Tonite's the night I'm
Gonna bang my drum. Gotta
or betrayed
I'm always gonna be around

You can never let down
Never let down

You're doing alright
You're doing ok
Just follow your heart
And don't
thang (do your thang)
We're havin' a good time everything's gonna be OK (be OK)

I can tell you feel the pressure
I can see it written all over your
to check my weight
Won't be no sleep for me tonight, no
Gotta be hittin' Tulsa by first mornin' light

Call me a prisoner of the highway
as you're by my side
Hold tight, everything's gonna be alright
Only love, only love tonight
Like stars, we're burning so bright
Hold tight, everything's gonna
me baby
It's gonna be you baby
It's gonna be it's gonna be love

Time, am I restless or a fool
How can you pretend to be so cruel?
Maybe it's me
thrown at me.
When does this heartache and pain ever end?
As long as Iæ?¦ not by myself I know Iæ?£l be o.k.
It seems like every time things were going