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They said you led your life
With a well mannered state of mind
They said that you dept your eyes forward
And your feet were help by no bind

boat workin' my way.
There were well-mannered ladies and streets that were shady, but for me, I never could stay.



Sailed up
friends are just as fooled ad you
And you talk and talk but you ain't doing nothing

Well I say I lead my life with a well mannered state of mind
I say
Agony, all the torture they teach
What's as intruiging or half so fatiguing
As what's out of reach

Am I not sensitive, clever
I not sensitive
As kind as I'm handsome
And heir to a throne

You are everything maidens
an angel
And when we finish, I swear that pussy said, "thank you"
I said, "You very welcome" I'm so well mannered
And I go down south, Louisiana

Baby won't
I am not beautiful, I am an elegant beast
A well-mannered monster, a charming barbarian
I will pillage your heart with language so lavishly violent
vibes like you checking me out
Without a doubt, I pull clout and crush crews in a rout
I'm a Doberman in any given reaction
Well mannered and reserved,
picked me up around a quarter to nine,
I was a little shocked that he was right on time.
He was really well mannered as he opened my door,
well-mannered, and own that care
Bein' a queen really means you gotta show yourself love
You gotta be strong enough to build yourself up

You have had someone
your mind
And through the love that you share with other people
And it only come from being well mannered
And respect
And regardless of what song you
Play parts of this in detail
Well carried mannered, blampers, ninjas black down
Pop up on spots and vanished ("They say he's a swordsman")
Well mannered, understand the kid and not bite me
All my real ladies, put your hands up
Holla at your boy, if you ain't a groupie, right now, stand
backstage at a show in Atlanta 

seemed like a nice girl, class and well-mannered 

When I took her to the hotel the bitch went bananas 

Did my eyes
the game on vice grips
Look back at it that's midlife crisis
So well mannered, niggas know I'm the nicest

We live in a gentlemen's paradise
a nigga that was well mannered
Now you're in for a treat, you don't want to meet my crew
We blast if we have to

[Chorus: x2]
We blast if we have
can't understand it you bama niggas been actin frantic
You manage to leave them stranded, well mannered and rubber band it
Up Up and when I look up well
polite, and well mannered..
You know, that, I've always believed that you should learn to tolerate ?
Cos the world's full of them,
I seem to have
hits from tidbits, how I make my bread
Do some situps, and squat thrusts, to keep a level head
'Cause I'm well bred, and mannered, I create in my
hits from tidbits, how I make my bread
Do some situps, and squat thrusts, to keep a level head
'Cause I'm well bred, and mannered, I create in my

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