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childlike creativity, purity and honesty
Is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts
Reality is catchin' up with me
Takin' my inner child, I'm
standing here just high and dry 

A minute I was up there standing by her side 
The next I was down there, well, left out of the ride and 
High and dry
guessed that you'd stand me up
Why did I even go, now?
And I guess it goes to show
The snow may well thaw out, but it goes right down the drain
You left
fire is alive in your eyes

Well I can barely breathe
And I can hear the dark hearts marching
I won't go down easily
Stay here by my side
And we will be
go by
The days go by
The days go by

And you know we'll be the last ones pickin' up the pieces
We'll be the last ones standing up strong
We'll be
Heal up by the fire
There's no where else to go 

I'll keep a look out for you
Keep your head down low
Keep that ticket in your pocket
Well, I'm standing in the chapel
Ready to confess
That I've waited for this moment
With tears of happiness
Now I leave behind my past
By taking the chance
Wake up, wake up, darling Corey
What makes you sleep so sound?
The revenue officers are coming
Gonna tear your still house down

Well the first
As he came up to the window, heard the sound of, Barry Manilow
He came into her apartment, smelled the Ben Gay, and the chocolate
She was sitting
Staring out of my window
Watching the cars go rolling by
My friends are gone
I've got nothing to do
So I just sit here patiently
and viewed him cheek and chin
She says, He is a handsome man. I pray you take him in

We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night
We'll go no more
Wake up, wake up, darling Corey
What makes you sleep so sound?
The revenue officers are coming
Gonna tear your still house down

Well the first
Well, I'm going down to Ohio
'Scuse me, but I got to go
I'm on my bus
I'm driving break-neck speed

And I need a little company
And you could
Go ahead, grab your guns
Draw a line and we'll cross for fun,
Let's go
Yeah, one by one they fall
Taken out by alcohol,
Poor souls

On a night like
Were Gonna Go Down To Toy Town
Where All The Toys Are Waiting For You
Yes Its Been About A Year Since You Saw Them
So there's Plenty Catching Up To Do
for protection from too many dreams passed by
I see you standing across the room watching me without a sound
Well I'm gonna push my way through that
won't do.
I'll give my life up for you,
'Cause you are my dream.

And baby, everything that I have is yours,
You will never go cold or hungry.
I'll be
That's right oh

Well down by the beach you know, every day
That's when the conga drums start to play
Their boom boom and thrum thrum
At first
It has its ups and downs 
We are the one and all 
If we stay together 
We can conquer all 

We are united 
And standing strong 
And still today
Gettin' paid wearing silks and suede 
Go to Barbados and cool in the shade 
Do my exercise,keep nice and trim 
Go down to the beach for a real cool swim
you just love me
'cause Falling down,
Time after time
Falling into the sea
Standing up's tough enough,
Tough enough for me
Give it up,
Give it up
men they send
up state by truck load
And hurl 'em in to the pin like buffalos
I'm saying


The game was sold, not told to me
please don't touch a
Good lokkin out, we thank ya very much a
Heed this style on the cartwheel nightcha
Fight to the end, I bet we'll bust ya up
And ya
by the door 
Say it's time to change our places 
And get down on the floor 
Kill 'em, baby 

Daddy's all gone 
He's just half way home 
He's holding
Not leave you behind
Maybe he'll stay in touch years down the road
And hope that he's still on your mind

The sun may come up and go