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Welcome to green fields of glory
Where people don't suffer from pain.
Slaves under blood and tormented by cruel tyranny

The march into permanent
tremendous power of bringing
People together, and this is our goal, to show
Through these mediums that we are all one race of human beings
the world we go
Easy come, some say, easy go
The world could be a better place
But it's going to take the whole human race
We want to welcome you to this
heritege but are proud to be first and
Foremost a part of the human race
death experience

Master of disguise

A dirty smile is integrate into killer's face
Bloodshot eyes stare resolutely, watch the victim's race
For with free will comes real love, real hate,
And the freedom to not be robotically used.

Dark days of the Human Race.
I tried to see man's
the sunshine

Leaving at down

After I'm gone life go on

Someone's gonna take my place

Runnin'n in the human race

(*) Sailing on the tide in
on Christmas Eve"

The soldiers all were frightened
When they stood face to face
The woman said, "You're brothers
Part of the human race
Tonight we're all
Welcome to this place they call the human race
But I just can't keep up
This little planet in space, this ship of human grace
Has gone bottoms up
Children dying of starvation in the streets,
Apocalypse, revelations
Human race, endangered kind
He who is! Who was! Not a savior
No one can control this
It's such a damn disgrace
To see the human race
Fall to pieces right in front of me
There's got to be a way
I heard somebody say
But you must
Time is running out
Faith is all we've got
If we find this place
We can save the human race

One more mile to go
Then we'll know for sure
If the end has
In the human race
We don't worry about disaster

Don't worry babe

Somewhere in there
An important part of our collected brain is missing
Lyrics for Hunger For Power
Performed by Incubus
Rational human beings irrational in other ways
Betraying each other in an unfriendly race
All they
The whole human race  Has a-taken far too much Methedrine." What goes on? Chick-a-chick. What goes on? I really want to know. Whaaat goes on? So near  What
richer from the blood of the working class
Let a poor family starve just to feed your greedy ass

People get sick, can't afford to get well
Betrayed by
the pants off my aching buns
You know going uphill I'd hit my stride
But coming down she'd sail on by!

When I finally caught up with her
She says "Not
race, all across this human place, you better stand up right now, and get yourself counted.
Liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, better stand
wanting to punch someone in the face
And putting a bullet in my head to leave the human race
Everything takes its toll but there's no tolls I can take

"Lee Harvey Oswald was shot." 

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by
have no skills yet
The world is a big scary place
But somehow I can't shake the feeling I might make
A difference to the human race
Morning, Brian

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