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You have always wanted the finest things in life
So that all your dreams could come true I've slaved with all my might
But the plans I made for you
He had a style all his own
In my mind he could do no wrong
Misunderstood all along

He worked hard all his life
To get what he has today
Gypsy road. Welcome to your dreams.
Oh oh oh, Gypsy road.

Living by my own rules. A rebel yell and a rebel creed.
Keep your life simple. Try not
Make no plans play it by ear

Could be days maybe a year

I'm gonna be free in the sunshine

Takin' my time tryin' to find

Some peace of mind
Dirt, Mud, and Dust
Bibles and Beer
Outlaws, Barb Wire, Saddles, and Steers
Its a simple life, Oh its sacred ground.
Hard times, High winds can't
where we parted
My story is simple enough
Since I left behind all the plans that we charted
No hurries no worries my love
And beaten by creation
The King of life among the dead

But grave where is your victory?
And death where is your sting?
For the keys to all your power
in a frenzy, acting all friendly
Now where’s my umbrella Mr. Bentley?

Hey hey hey hey hey
Welcome to the lush life
Hey hey hey hey hey
What did you say to me
I'm not a novelty
You're playing revelry
But no one's listening
I am a simple man
Without a simple plan
Let's make it
I dreamed I thanked Scott Ian for persistence of time
Back when Steve and Eva died that album changed my life
It was a package of pure darkness tied
Welcome the plan of which we'll succeed to live this life!

You are all
Statues damned to fall
You are all
Another victim to hurt!

Burn your life
your life
Will be rich and so much more
Welcome the feeling, see it thrive
The peace that you've been searching for
a plan
I've made my life complete-hiding head in sand
Makes it simple makes it sweet-hiding head in sand

'Cause now I'm free to do nothing at all
My body, they all will wash

I hope I ne'er return to life
Oh, Christ, just let me go
Let death devour my simple soul
Lets my misery grow
to the gospel road
Spent his whole life saving souls
When he looked at me and his blook ran cold
He didn't even try

I had no dreams and I had no plans
My Grandpa farmed for a livin',
Content to live the simpler kind of life.
My Grandma worked in the kitchen,
Awfully proud to be that farmer's
And live the life of a corpse

I asked god when will I get my chance
He said, I don't have and answer and I don't have a plan
I salute my wasted
that our best laid plans
Would have to reach a lot higher

I share my life with the immigrants and the ramblers
I drink my wine with the middlemen
just a little girl
When your hand brushed by my hand
And I will be an old woman
Happy to have spent my whole life with one man

Behind that school we
had no plans
But a gun felt good in my right hand
The warden asked, “How come you killed that man”
I said, “I don't know why”

Welcome home said the hot
without a better plan
But it's the simple thoughts that haunt me the most
I never got to see the west coast

Spent my nights just asking why
Would God
just circling life
My mama called – "Hello? What you doin'? “Kicking it”
I should’ve told her I’m probably ‘bout to catch my first offense with
Ladies and Gentleman, (what?) 
I'd like to welcome you .(welcome what?) 
To the life and times of Trillville (Trillville?) 
I be your God on this
had no plans
But a gun felt good in my right hand
The warden asked, “How come you killed that man”
I said, “I don't know why”

Welcome home said the hot
my bricks, I flood ya whole city in titties
Please believe, that I'm a lil' crazy motherfucker
Turned out by the Spillman's, Gaithen's, and Ruckas