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Weigh Me Down  


I'd like to cut your head off so I could weigh it, what do ya say?
Five pounds, six, pounds, seven pounds
I'd like to go to your house and gather
Light light light in the beggar's cart 
Light light light when the trouble starts 
To weigh to weigh to weigh to weigh to weigh 
Light light light
Pick it up
And put it down
Change it all around
Shake the trees
And shake the ground
If it weighs an ounce
It weighs a pound
a measurement 
To find out if loss could weigh 
We need to know value 
We need to place value 
In case it all comes true 
Could it be loss could weigh

Weigh-hey! Hey Laddie Hey!
Weigh, hey, hey!
We'll drink the night away!

Now, I don't know what there lies in store,
But it's better than this
When they look back and weigh everything he's done
They will realize: Nixon's the one.
fix to feel alive
With you, I'm levitating

Baby I'm so high up your love
I need something to weigh me down, to weigh me down
I see clouds from
I'm afraid it's goodbye

It weighs heavy on my mind
Oh, so heavy on my mind
It weighs heavy on my mind
Oh, so heavy on my mind

Sometimes I wish
breaks down
War is love, when love, when love weighs down
All the years alone
Did I confess, no
It's only your say so
I've got a long way to go,
do you weigh in this precious stone?
Oh, then I stumbled on a flaw
In the order
Unwrapped the gift
Spread the sheets to the border
There's no
of falling out of the womb
How much "not enough" I ever received
I will solve these dreams before I wake up this time
This loss weighs, it will always weigh
Well if that's the case

How much does the world weigh
Somebody's probably worked it out
You can look up what the experts say
But all you
a while.
But save your energy,
Your journey here is far from over.
Come the sunrise,
We'll descend through Judgment Valley
And weigh your worth
All I want
is to be where you are
will nurse you

Pass your sense
on to me
Weigh my hands
And help me

I gasp
for air
what is
release me with your smile 

And when I rise 
And when you fall 
That's the part 
That weighs me down 
The part that weighs me down 

You are your
You learn to fail

Rip it up and tear it down
It weighs heavy on my soul
Rip it up and tear it down
It weighs heavy on my soul

I weigh my life and it's got me old fool gold (x3)

In the gold dust rush I can only genuflect (x3)

In the gold dust rush (x2)

"weigh your anchor ――
and dream on!"
"storm is coming ―――― "

know that they could all weigh, all weigh
(Call me, call me, call me) all weigh, all weigh
(Call me, call me, call me) all weigh, all weigh
(Call me,
me down
Heavy heart
This time I find
It weighs on my mind
Heavy heart

It's just like you to take it all so far
Then you feel abused
And wonder who you
the end. 

Put it there if it weighs a ton, 
That's what the father said to his younger son. 
I don't care if it weighs a ton, 
As long as you and I are
shows two
Lost in the watershed
Way out of tune

Ain't it hard
When the spirit doesn't catch you
Gravity's the winner
And it weighs you down
after time, we fumble and falter.
Swear we can change,
But who?s got the power?
And it weighs you down, And it weighs me down.
And it weighs you down,
Weigh away
Way away
All the pictures in your mind
As you're passed the thousandth time
Thousandth photograph
Listen to sympathetic lies
As their

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