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weaponed before deaths door
All graves dug
Get ready for the Fatal Arrival

Between the frontlines I look around
Incomprehension with clenched fist
was weaponed

To descend with scorn
A dark reform
Through Pi-Ramses
Skinning mine and Her firstborn

Thus suspiria passed each sacred mark
Of Yahveh,
to stay
Even though you’re always welcomed
I am not begging you to stay
But my arms are wide open like I’m weaponed
The honeymoon is over
Through the valley of death
I fear no evil
For the lord Is with me
Let wisdom an courage comfort me
An weaponed formed against me shall prosper
the man I was 
They gonna break me one by one
And all they got to say is 

He was running from the law 
They didn't see a weaponed but they fear that he was
off my table
I'm able, reaching for the sky, I wan build castle
Zero coordination, no shaku shaku
Odell Beckham weaponed, mon  tackle
Anybody testing
know that it's lethal
Weaponed with the passion of Christ when the beat go
Gibson and I'll guillotine all your people
All of these niggas are giving
Beckham weaponed, mon  tackle
Anybody testing the king like  M’Baku,
Hundred hand slap the booty like E.Honda
Your man think he slick with the tints on his
A weaponed team longing to play Were we overjoyed with human process  All we need To save our deed A hand to lead To remain sacred  Now we bleed Believing
to dislocate
To put me in my place
Mano you can find me 
Rocking camo
Under palm trees
God got em
No weaponed form against me
Shall ever prosper
I got the sauce
Baby, you're no wrong, baby you're no right
Truth is only one - you're constantly weaponed.
You should always try, you should know the prize

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