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I behold your power and glory
Bring an offering, Come before You
Worship You Lord
In the beauty of Your holiness

Whenever I call You're there
I behold your power and glory,
bring an offering, come before you.
Worship you, Lord,
in the beauty of your holiness.

Whenever I call,
You, Lord, You're the beauty in me

I'm pouring out Your presents, I'm dressed in light
Surrounded by Your mercy, Heaven's delight
Lost in the ways
a heart attack

I'm looking at Ephesians 2 like what did Jesus see in you
His grace he chose to love on folk like me and u
And I don't
Pour over me your holiness,
For you are holy.
Breath of heaven.

We three kings of orient are,
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Our hearts are full of wonder
Captured by Your beauty
Falling on our knees we worship You alone
Magnificent God, We bow before all You are

Gathered in
the shining of Your beauty, Lord
The beauty of Your holiness
The beauty of Your loveliness

We exalt You tonight, Jesus
We exalt You on the throne of our
I close my eyes and see a place
A city so much better that the earth
Angels are singing hallelujah
Declaring Your beauty and Your Worth

I can
A life of sheer extremes
Noise and quiet, life, Lord & peace
What do you worship?
Don't worship gods of wood and steel
Finding solace in the light
how good and pleasant it is
She'll stand by me
Birds of one feather
We worship JAH together
Sitting on a throne of gold

In the morning
While I'm waking
Then I look away
Too much for one day
One thing we share
Is an ideal of beauty

Treasure so rare
That even devils might care
Your swimming-pool
Until we stand together

So much wealth on every face
You're in the fight to win the place
Or are you just a hopeless case
As the tears of the world
Showered by rays of moonlight appears my summer bride
The full moon is haunting and stalking and preying
To witness the beauty my goddess will offer
Suddenly almost every kid in town had finally found the way
To take all the gifts and talents and beauty they had
And worship God every day, man, you had all
Yo Capri  yo this is Diamond  um
Check it out um I moved the session to next Wednesday 
At twelve noon  plug me in at D&D  you'll be outta there by
then...they would feel that
They were fulfilled

And so you can see,
That what we're doing here on stage
Is part of a great american tradition
The tradition
was beyond words
Him in my arms
3 generations of tears running so calm
He came with Gods blessing and grace so we named him Faizan

If I worship U
miss what they ain't never known
But since everybody else is out celebratin
You allow your child to worship a Satan
Better known as Santa
Claws in your
Like a sea of voices praising Your name
Every nation, every tongue, will bring You glory
And we will worship You, our God, Face 2 face

I can’t wait
of the most high God somebody tell me
Are you with me? or am I alone in this?
Am I not clever or does Christ rule forever with unmeasured holiness
If you
traded 38’s for Glocks
We the reason them cabs drive by, never trust you
We the reason you couldn’t rock shines in the tunnel
Niggas be starin
Christ so we can grow like a chia pet
So hail the King, priest and prophet
The inexhaustible topic The Person
Of God you can peep with your optic

Shipwrecked on some matt-painted island
Clad in nothing but the surf-beauty's finest robe

Beyond all mortality we are, swinging in the breath of nature
multiplied by ninety-three guys
Evenly balanced seein' evil equally in each eye now
Maybe I'm the most thorough worker on the job to you
Or maybe I'm
Raining mahogany
Here`s a dollar for the trees
We worship weed like idolatry
Silly bitches with conniving thoughts

Sticking knives and folks