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chillin and
Front on this and get dissed, motherfucker
Me and my crew, me and my crew we be chillin and
Front on this and get dissed

Ah one two
and two together; we're the boyz with da bass

2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, boyz with da bass
Boyz with da bass, boyz with da bass
2 Live
seen all o' y'all comin' in the strip club, 
lookin' at all this pussy, me and the boys, me and 2 Live Crew, 
Brother Marquis, Mr.Mixx, uhh, Fresh -
Yo heard, with my head I cock it, and rock it like that brother in colors 
Cause I want y'all to live, my crew is 2 Live, we sneakin' to the rear
Peep that, feel this, I'm in here with my, ah, Herschelwood Click
You know what I'm sayin', we ain't nuttin' but some, uh, ballers
Steady ballin' in
like 2 Live Crew

You knew it all along, my pussy was fire
Every time you licked the cat, it was like a fuckin' hot
Now I can't getcha to leave me
my bitches too
We the 2 Live Crew
2 for me, 2 for you (woo!)
Feed them bitches carrots
Fuck ‘em like a rabbit
Sorry that's a habit
Smoke a spliff
my bitches too
We the 2 Live Crew
2 for me, 2 for you (woo!)
Feed them bitches carrots
Fuck ‘em like a rabbit
Sorry that's a habit
Smoke a spliff
Yeah that's cool
Er, everything closed so we just
We might as well just go straight to the hotel
And just get some rest
Let me slide this dick up
yo yo 

[Chorus: x 2]
You Don't See Us, but we see you 
You stuck on sleep, get on your P's and Q's 
'Cause you will get crept, wit no discrept
Remy Boyz they know the crew name
Chopper kickin' we call it Liu Kang baby
Pay attention to how we move things
Fuck niggas they screamin' Zoo Gang
can't use dem food stamps
Other crews like to sample and mix
But our crew, we just play that shit
Live, drums, bass, keys
Niggas don't like it, you
Yeah, uh, fuck that yo I want some pussy tonight 
I think I want to fuck my bitch Goldie and shit 
Only because she got some money for me and shit
{Too $hort:}
Tell em what we do in here, Dangerous...

Get some drums from a break and then break yo ass
You want beats from the crew? we'll take
anytime we pass through, 
 (Telephone ring) Hello Poochie Lu, 
 It come in like mi slam two a di gal dem inna yuh crew, 
 And by the week fi done mi affi
Bitch, you know you've been fucked by many
       So come and be my private dancer
       I got some money if that's the answer
       I really want to be
never snitch why tell
We roll with no regrets, destiny's, fifty's and equities
Queens'll be the death of me

[Chorus: x 2] 
To the suspect witness
Hitting it close to my back, my whole click stay strapped 
On some Queens bridge survival shit, we strike like that 
Full force, we blast at your main
[Chorus: x2] 
Got a poly wit ya crew stickin' loot up 
Ya big up weight throw ya boots up 
If ya step into da club wit ya gunz up 
Puttin' pictures
like a drive-by
We could stack dough sky-high
Niggaz can't touch what they can't feel real recognize real
Crew love, Roc-A-Fella till we die
As long
for pussy, cried for pussy
Lied for pussy, live for pussy, steal for pussy
Snuck for pussy, killed for pussy

[Chorus 2]
Who's the playa, who's
Bond is my life so I live by my word
Never fraudulent Queens bridge don't make no herbs
Spread my name to deacons, politicians while they speaking

fuck her with her hard body
Shorty fine by me, Spend some time by me
It's a jungle out there, come and climb my tree
I know it's on your mind, fine,
got two honeys on my arms and I dont want to let none of them go
Yo I can't escape this life that I'm living
I'm in the mix I'm in love with two women