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Jeff performed a reading of this poem by edgar allan poe for the tribute compilation closed on account of rabies, produced by hal willner
hung musty
The travel posters were flapping in the wind
So we moved through the dust and gloom
Playing waiting games in the waiting-room
Lay our
You'll find me walking on the other side
I have a completely different ticket to ride

I'm skin and bone, waiting on a train
I travel alone
Will we
Slap hands with my mans by the walls we play
Now, waist chains and cami-flauge complete sag
Live pools, my squad rules
From solar to lunar, cheap
On the AWOL, alias Jamal Duval 
Roam through the universe, plans of roamin it all 
In the meantime, in between time, we shine 
Dangerous minds travel on this
non-coincidence brought about by 
living and doubting nothing special. 
we need a real war, give me a field, a field day 
and i only have time for explosions.