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call that boy the 1st
That black on black got em on 6's call that a rolling hearse
Me Mariah on the screen I call that feelings hurt
These busters
with nobody else next to it
Ain’t get here by myself, lot of help next to it
Word to chilly chill, that’s myself let’s do it
1St and 15 ent, FNF music
ghetto ways, them ghetto ways (HEY) 
My 1st mission of the day, wit a swisha fired up 
They say ya back in the trap again shorty so what 
Where the weed
the motherfucking pound 
KL in the 1st round 

Mama Drama and Fiend up next 
Nigga What 

[Mia X] 
I puts it down like pens and pad like Mama Drama
hot zone, diseases in the minute the idiot got home.

Camu Tao

Now I'm a teacher, 1st grade, and I want to participate. I want to grade the papers
homeboi feelin' like I owe a lil' mo'
Meanwhile dis tha 1st week my album out (Okayye!)
Shit my own damn mama didn't have a house (Phureal!)
Stay focused