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She's the creator of the Terminator - 9th Prince, rhyme slayer
Stayed in ten housing projects, razors, machine gun blazes
at'cha neighbors - Jamaican rum,
Death team motions are calm like the ocean
9th Prince Golden Child Was Chosen
Was the warrior slogan
Back to the future my father was killed by Lucifer

 [ 9th Prince ]
Yo, yo I'm the master of ceremony revolutionist
Lyrical demolitionist, trapped in the abyss
Pirates of dark waters meterologist
legendary alliance
9th wonder of the world right after the giant
East Oakland California is where we conquer
The formula to leave compititions silent
ass into stone like Medusa
Nighttime addition when I vision, MC's are prisoners
And stage is the prison, 9th Prince the warden
Mind is made of platinum,
It's all real over here

Killa Sin, 9th Prince, what

We don't give a fuck

Rza, star trek voyager, killah hill side strangler
Captured you in inside thirty-six gas chambers
North American, Arabian, high ? Indian

9th prince
Eh-yo, eh-yo
9th Prince, attack like Greg Valentine
With a sledgehammer, figure 4 bodyslammer
Decrease ya stamina, verbal heart damager
I'm half
Bentley, 9th Prince will decease, made of Ginseng
Seen it? It's real, liver than chase Manhatten
Word on Staten I was clappin with the Captain
My style is
[9th Prince]
Yoaw! I'm 'bout to torture the phone, the phone piece
Leave it deceased, six feet deep
The 9th Prizm, Mad Mizm, get up in 'em

[Inspectah Deck]
Inspectah, rhyme beretta nine in ya sector
Wet the scenery with extreme measures
Supreme lecture, bless the heads, you dare enter
The 9th
Now come against the consequence of the 9th Prince
I sit upon my throne and chop off domes
Then send them home to your peoples
So they can sew 'em
the enemy, AWW!)
Fuck that..

[9th Prince]
Yo, yo, sorid comics, swallow rhyme toxics
Psychotic logic, insane explosives like bottle rockets
The 9th Prince
the cause, niggas jump off!)

Eh-yo, eh-yo, 9th Prince and Killa Bamz in the lobby
At 1077, Body Brighton
Dirty cops and grimy niggas is fightin, Shaolin
She told me I was handsome -- I know I look funny with big lips
But that's the love she had for her son, the 9th Prince
Forever you exist in my
[Fresh Prince - talking before song begins]
Alright we ready?
We rollin, right?
We rollin, alright

[Intro - Fresh Prince - talking]
Yo in
Under the spell so divine

Come forth the blackest prince
As the hymn is sung to thee
Bestow upon us the utter wrath
To be part of you, supreme

treat Christians
like damned souls were treated by their god!
After the master will be the infernal prince,
again by the last time
all Christian's
By the luxuries of this world so I behave
Like a man inside the grave
Who's life is lost
I want the promised gold but can't afford the cost
[Fresh Prince - talking before song begins]
Alright we ready?
We rollin, right?
We rollin, alright

[Intro - Fresh Prince - talking]
Yo in
to understand the holy weight
It takes soul to make a crowd animated
Prince stated, hey wait 'til we get off that label
and I waited twelve months (twelve months)
on Calvary not on Cypress Hill
It don't matter even if your slim or if your shady
JayHova reigns supreme but his name ain't' Jay z
And it's mos def that
"Funk soul, on deck
Prince of the ghetto
Omega supreme
Danger Mouse
We do it like this"

"Sometimes I get the feeling
I got to put
The grand ultimate supreme, no extremedies
We use Tai Chi to deflect off our enemy
Five poisons, from the Clan there's no Remedy
We dispell the smell
with two
By myself at the top like cocoon
When I'm in the coupe I feel like a cocoon
Designer gifts red bottoms baboon
We the wave we the wave

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