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bang bang
Thug Lord niggas we do the damn thang

[Spice 1]
Nigga you listenin' to the B-O-S-S-I-L-I-N-I
Yukmouth and C-Bo you know they label us
and it's just to hit my nation
All the real niggas that I recognize in the game
Outlawz with that motherfucking nigga, Yukmouth
Doing that shit for Rap-A-Lot
of thug in me, that I wanna give to you girl

(Maybe it's the thug in me)

Moan baby when we bone it's on
It's so strong niggaz in the next room'll cum
With bullet fragments all in they body
Caught him the traffic
That nigga plastic
Be fuckin' fagets

In thugs we trust
baba bang bang
Thug Lord niggas we do the damn thang

[Spice 1]
Nigga you listenin to the be	-O-S-S-I-L-I-N-I
Yukmouth and see-Bo you know they
(we in duh house)
The thugs is in the house, (we turnin' this thing out)
Wanna see the thugs gone (see the thugs gone)
And wanna see the thugs gone
They give us guns and drugs
Then wonder why in the fuck we thugs
They wanna count the slugs
Then come around here and fuck with us
They give us guns
THUGG LORD !!!!!!!
Whut bitch, aiight, AIIGHT!
We got a bitch ass nigga in our presence

A fucking imposter
Get yo ass up
appetites of giants
Hungry as some lions
We the kings of the jungle
Y'all don't wanna step inside the ring in this rumble
Empires will crumble
and Cîroc, yo
They wanna have it at my house, is there room for Frizz and Picasso?
Hell yeah, come on down
Told Makzilla be done on rounds, we gotta get
Nothin' but peace (I wanna go) love (I wanna go nigga)
And street passion, every ghetto needs a thug mansion

A place where death doesn't reside, just
back in me!

Hope she don't just see a thug when she sees me
Hope she sees all this love that we should be
All I wanna do is, all I wanna do is
Came up
was a young scrub
I was a thug on the corner with my niggaz slangin' drugs
I'm runnin' from the narcs when they pass by
Don't ask why, I'm a hustler
more then thugs 
We more then thugs, more then thugs, more then thugs 
With just a little twist of harmony we smokin' lethel warriors 
We warriors, We
Do you wanna thug, babe?
(You wanna R&B thug?)
I'm just an R&B thug, babe
Lookin' for some love, babe
Do you wanna date, babe?

You're gonna
He's Yukmouth

He's Yukmouth, he's thugged out
He's Yukmouth, he's thugged out, thugged out
Yukmouth, he's thugged out
He's Yukmouth, he's
(Thug niggas throw yo turf in the air!)
Smoke-A-Lot up in this bitch!
(Throw yo hood in the air!)
lady like you
Got a lot of thug in me, that I want to give to you

Moan baby when we bone it's on
It's so strong niggaz in the next room'll cum
at home alone
Just 'cause we bone, don't mean you own me, nigga, I'm grown

You can run the streets with your thugs
I'll be waiting for you
Until you
the fuck off, huh? You thought since Dre ain't made a album, we flopped? Fuck that shit nigga! Rap-A-Lot for life nigga! Yukmouth nigga! West Coast don
like a motherfucker ready for war
We'll never snitch
Never flip
Never quit my click was heaven sent wit Mac-11's to
Hit when we dip they holla..
[Tech N9ne] (Yukmouth)
Regime killas, ah
What the deal
(It's that lethal)
What's poppin
Regime niggas in this motherfucker for the one nine nine
wanna live just like you

We say Mama don't worry
But we can't promise no worry
We say sister be cool
Even when it ain't cool
Tell our nephews
young thugs (y'all near the end, y'all near the end)

Standin outside is a broken thug (that's me)
Who don't wanna go home (no)
Rather stand here
you wanna thug babe?
I'm just an R&B thug babe
Lookin' for some love babe
Do you wanna date babe

You're gonna trip, gonna trip
Gonna trip, gonna

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