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So we hit the net while the Trade Center fell, New York met Hollywood, we ran like hell.
No Vietnam for us, yo, Iraq it's on. So who agree upon this
Diddy I bake the cake I make the cake 36 what I cop like jacob plat my team the champs yo team the chumps my squads the spurs hell yo suads the pumps
see you more than baby, it's more like hell
You screw a little girl and end up in jail
Even though she seems she's 19
You're looking at her body
the hell

Celebrate the day Crispus Attucks fell
So we could use our parts and rock to LL
36 double D's never troubled me
Thank god that Columbus made
We gave you land to experiment with your inventions
But you strive for global lynchin', extension
But it's yourself that will become extinct
Damage of my mental fabric, hell a vibe or I have it
Criminal I can't stand it,or understand it yet my torture was expanded
By thoughts that he

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