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of you lames dumpin stolars to yo' fo (North North!)
If it's anna on yo' chest, I'ma bring it to yo' do' (North North!)
Heidy ho, like I'm ?? (North
don't win it's a shame
For it's one, two, three strikes you're out
At the old ball game
Second verse
Katie Casey saw all the games
Knew all
North, no 'Secret Government' for you, buddy
You're over, you're through
Bill Casey, you're dead, I mean it
Bush, you're still a wimp, I'm sorry, you
So stare up through the clouds
And at least you know
You're always looking up

So Casey can you remember (do you remember)
Sitting by my side
that shit like a gym to me
Don't test the agility
Silly, silly, thinking that the negativity you talking could ever fuck up the tranquility
the in-betweens
Combed her hair with a blade did the Maid of Orleans
Said Christ walked on water we can wade through the war
You don't need to tell me who
been leaning
Back from the come down, girl I been fiending
For another round, don't you blame it on me
When you're grinding up them teeth
And it's
We came across the North Sea with our carriers on our knees
Wound up in some holding camp somewhere outside Leeds. 
Because we do not care
myself up north, 
Find out who the hell I am 

I go north, the sun it hurts my eyes 
But I don't really care, they're all drowning down here 
So I
the alley
If you'll be good I'll be good to your daddy
Who loves you but I bet it's not the same
As your north country boy

What do you care about
Is ten o'clock in the morning,
To early to drink beer?
I don't know, and I don't care.

When a girl walks by in a two piece,
Is it impolite to stare?
reach for the top, that's how it's gotta be
Don't worry 'bout the people that, hmmm, take a pop of me
So on with the show, hit the road here we go
to dope tracks, we be holdin the raw
Do somethin stupid, and you'll be left holdin your jaw
Put you punks on blast for not knowin the law
Don't deny
that be playin on tha radio
You know they send tears to a flattery fleratio
I ain't a pickie guy so I really don't care
I'll hit a white chick that got
And I present to you
To you all
The Odd Future compilation
Fuck, give it up
Casey V, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Super 3, and Tyler,
Too $hort.
Eighteens got tha rearview mirrors vibratin
And deep dish daytons.
You know how we do it,
Ain't nuttin to it but tha floss,
Your nose is in your pipe, but you don't care
Your tattered tweeds and walking cane
All feel real
The monocled face with the knowing eyes
See it
North carolina, south carolina, nigga we don't care
Give a fuck niggas holla how you do that there
Roll it up, blow it up, nigga we don't care
Of course we all see how this isn't fair
We are not blind, yet we don't see
Is that you end this misery

It's time to go up to bed
No more
Hey  Boy  do you want to score?
And you know how it is
I really don't know what time it was oh, oh
So I asked them if I could stay awhile

singing to us

And we're wearing out grandfather's clothes
'Cause we heard that up North it gets cold
how does it feel
Shorty you're the best, I'm just keepin' it real

I'll be a lady in the streets
In a dress with her hair tied up
Or I can be
Dundee shit representin' the outback
Yo, we do it like this (All the way live, from 2-1-5)
You witnessin' the 5th Dynasty family click (All the way live,
A  North Country maid up to  London had strayed, 
 C  B  
Alt hough with her nature it  did not agree, 
 G  D  
Which  made her repent, and so
I reminisce about it often, I do
Tripping on me over Casey, Jessyn and Jayden
Us girls ain't got nothing on you
No, they don't

And then I

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