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It's goin' down
Not now but right now
By now you know the sound
It's dilation, cats with 20/20

I tell nickel and dimers try
Open up a bag of 20/20 vision then I close my eyes
The animation of my senses helps me see your image in the sky

We can feel the pleasures
20/20 hindsight
Sometimes I wish I could crash and burn

Crash and burn
And I never ever felt so lonely
Crash and burn
Can't look them in
I used to put my faith in the yarn, and now communication is gone
I agree we've gone distant, my new location the charts
Naw, mm, can't count
but make believe
We will never lose if we remove our shoes

It's hard to keep your mouth shut
Harder still to make noise
But we can't have
that NY pigs do 
We miss you, Harry and Sonia 
Rest in peace to Marty, a 41st side of Vernon soldier 
T.J. Black better known as Killer 
I can
we got
Take me by the hand

We can fly
(we will rise up and fly away)
Fly away
(spread our wings and we'll fly away)
We will fly
(we will rise up
around the moon
We fly rings around the moon

Come tomorrow, candle burns
And I wake up by your side
All my sorrow, you made it disappear
And I thank
a following you
I'll wait here you come back by yourself

And we can fly
We can fly like a bird in the sky
We can fly-y-y away
We wanna climb really high
Spirits follow in the blind

If we fly fly fly
Will it take us into high high
A prayer and a wish
Just the why why
We can't see the skyline for
our mind

We can fly
Like a bird on the wings of a song
We get by
We're alive but you know that it won't
Be too long, be too long, be too long
One two, one two
Smokin blunts
Mad Dog 20/20
We gonna get funky

I grab the forty rip off the skirt
Guzzle it, grab the mic
We can park after dark

System up with the top down and got the city on lockdown
Drive by in the low ride, hands high when we fly by
System up with
think I know somewhere
We can park after dark

System up with the top down and got the city on lockdown
Drive by in the low ride, hands high when we fly
Now nothing is left unstained 


When there's nothing more that we can trade 
Or sell 

When there's nothing whole because we
Up, up here we go, go
Let's fly (fly,fly,fly,fly)
Up, up here we go, go
Where we stop nobody knows

Baby, we can stay fly like a G6
I walked across the water
I came by myself
I climbed the highest mountain
And I ain't never being nailed
Hell yeah
Say yeah
I sing yeah
I sing
the liquor at?
Mad Dog 20/20, kept a nigga loose
Murder was the case except a niggas taste the gin and juice
Cause then we gon' be riding on some bullshit
the song enough
To shake this institution, it's a she-volution

Just fly by
Gotta knock, knock on the sky

We can't
Just fly
're working every hour that God made 
So we can fly away 
Saving it all up for you 

By the sea

Silver shore line 
hour that God made
So we can fly away
Saving it all up for you bungalow
Bungalow by the sea
Silver shoreline
In the gorse
You can be mine
in time and it passed by

We’re all on a journey
Down the hall of memories
Don’t worry bout what you ain’t got
Leave with a little bit of dignity
Heliport we taking off
Heavy golfing endeavours deflating
Mazerati we gone
Ire party be drawn
We out our bodies
Cheeba land by sea by air
We quantum leaping
he play ball
Damn, you look live, hmmm, so fine
I think I estimate about 4.5
My pockets goes high, so we can ride
I'll pick you up about nine-ish
and our dreams won't shatter 
Fly away 
I can't keep living like this, no day after day 
We can still make a change, baby if we just fly away 
Fly away

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