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Says I to brother Levi, "Well, we still can have some fun!
We'll creep and whoop like Indians to try to make them run!"
Which then we did both
show boat!
Who do you think you are, Tommy Lee Jhones?
Let's go!
Not bad for a four year old!

Been dang near two years since I've had a beer
pierced him to the heart and his blood did flow

His knees went limp and he reached for the door
His tomb was sealed, he slid to the floor
He whispered in
The ex of Tony Starks, it's a win-win
His seed, the grief filled up in his eyes
He kidnapped them both, for a scheme of revenge
Pillow cases over their
rot your flesh
By myself come for delf and just pop your head
Now have a good night you snake skin bastard
See you at the crossroads fagot
And in
piece-by-piece off that concrete street
When N.O. meet, who gives a fuck about a poor neat scene?
We got beef, so I'ma shoot'cha like a FAKE BITCH
Let you know

I'm drunk by myself, gun under my seat 

I don't want none of my peeps caught up in none of my beef 

I'm a ride to the end of the road if I
rearview, if they stop me I hope they lock me

Instead they speed ahead
Yo n**** watch me

I'm drunk by myself, gun under my seat
I don't want
we go to the wrasslin' matches and let off
a little steam?"

Now I'd never seen the matches before
And by the time we reached that arena door,
birthday's today, we both bought her jeans and a blouse
Since 7 o'clock, she been gone for Owls
Jetted up the steps to the master suite, checked the shower
I woke up on Fox, found myself starring on Cops
Got chased by squad cars and cameras for two blocks
I hate the man, yeah, I ran
To HBO and stole
hopes and dreams get broken
Me and Hi-Tek, we live long and prosper like Vulcans
Think I'm jokin'? We both got sons, we make cream and break dreams
cross examinin' for the case 

Yeah I testify your honor, it was death by dishonor 
It was a crime committed, I swear to you I know who did it