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the lamb lies with the lion
He's just a little savage

And so you turn your back on me (and so you turn your back on me)
And all the hot air that only echoes
Streamline, goldmine, nighttime, summertime, feeling fine
Saturation point is reached by nine
Your circulation elevated mine
I was a bar room
Rage of the savage beast

In misery we scream, salvation
The king calls for the warriors
Mother and son brought us damnation
The hero as a savior
and talk shit in high school
when we was fuckin' around ... 'cause I couldn't fuck.  But now I'm
back, BITCH!  To let yo' punk ass know that I can really
Stalked by the benefactors are brute bestial figures in mind the whisperer dispersing
Uncertainy a savage provoked by mankindpenetration of virginity
I'm so intrigued.. by her
And I don't know how but I'm gonna show her, the power of the beast, tonight
I'm talkin' savage, feast on her body
We are the lovers
We are bound to one another
By a bond that is invisible
Yet stronger still than time

And we're locked into the motion
That moves
it all
We've been to hell and back

When I was young life was savage
The leather gets scuffed as it's worn
Rolling along you get damaged
So you grab
Burning in its savage fury
Our fates accept not judge or jury
Helpless we must watch it done
For I have seen the Death of the Sun

We are coming
Into the savage blue 
The savage blue with you 
When the storm has passed us by
And the crowd has come and gone
I will be with you
Cause our
and losing my breath
Midnight hours cobble street passages
Forgotten savages, forgotten savages

Dig up her bones but leave the soul alone
Let her find
Braced against the grip of choices
Memories of the gentle ways
Stained by a thousand voices
Yearning for a shaft of light

savage, ruthless (savage)
We got 30's and 100 rounds too (grrah)
My bitch is bad and boujee (bad)
Cookin' up dope with a Uzi (dope)
My niggas is savage
our DNA
Humans aren't gonna behave
As we think we always should
Yeah, we can be bad as we can be good

Underneath it all, we're just savages
heavy support
This whole situations been dragged through the dirt
By gargoyles and monsters and man eating birds
Who act like the jury but you never see
On the trusting hand
And the moonlight promise
When we first met
Well I know there's justice
You're gonna get yours too
Some nights you'll look back
And wish
The missionary's position is clear
Break them down
Converting the savage Panare
Break them down

And purge them of all of their sins
Break them down
Music has charms they say
But in some people's hands
It becomes a savage beast
Can't they control it
Why don't they hold it back

You see my
(Originally recorded by Sweet Savage)

Sound of gunfire comes through the night
Killing and hatred, it's a terrible sight
Reports come in
Don't you despair 'cause your
Fantasy life is nowhere
Under my care you'll be
Back in the pink
Drunk without a drink

Tunnel down in soft silk
alterations in my temper
Grows worse day by day
I will offer you extreme opposition

Savage curtain closes in on you
But I do grieve the evident
the river's too wide
I'd come across but the river's too high
And over by the fountain where we meet
I will lay silver roses at your feet

Hold back
When one browbeating lasts a lifetime
I can't recall the last time
Quiet conversation served
What's left to solve by mute indifference?
Still we
race of fallen kings 
Their dark companions 
While the memory of 
Their southern sky was clouded by 
A savage winter 
Every patron saint 
I believed you by the palace gates
Now the savage days are here

Under the God

Under the God, under the God
One step over the red line
Under the God,