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Feel like making love
George benson
Strollin' in the park, watching winter turn to spring
Walkin' in the dark, seein' lovers do their thing
Georgie-Porgie, all night long
How was I to know what I was in for
I had it rockin' and a rollin' for a while, by George

By, by, by, by George

We bought
and show them all)
How close we are
The lies have worked so far
So we go on deceiving

But darling don't you know the time
Baby, look
Spend the summertime naturally high
By chopping wood, the next one or five
Saving our money for the county fair
George Jones' supposed to be there
We got
may change as time goes by, 
We'll never change we two! 
When tonight is just a memory 
Our love will still be new! 

When tonight is just a memory 
Do you, Tammy, take this man, George, to be your lawfully wedded husband?
To love and to cherish until death do you part?

I'll take this man and by
were two angry kids

Yeah I know we have never seen eye to eye
And I know we have had our falling outs
Still got lots of love for those early days
I love is true
And I'd never take a chance on losing you
Side by side hand in hand we'll never be apart
Just as long as we believe what's in our
hold me close tonight
Make it right
Can we try to love once more
And make it like it was before
I need you by my side
Make it right

(Are we
By Carole Bayer and George Fischoff
I wanted you from the first day I saw you,
The first day I looked into your eyes.
That's when I knew that I
the place I grab the mike and your attention 
Me not getting that is like the night to George Benson 
Freestyle phenomenon drop bombs like Lebanon 
But I do recall it helped us fall in love 

Words and Music by Bennie Benjamin 
And George Weiss
By george hawkins and michael mcdonald

I try to see you clearly
But I just turn the other cheek
Though I love you dearly
I'm only losin' sleep
not about your body it's just social implications are
Brought upon by this party that we're sitting in
And I'd like to say you've changed but you're
were crazy, crazy in love like you've never know,
She said baby don't you ever let me go

We were fast car, top down,
George Straight singin' bare feet,
If we don't make it, we've sure got a lot to forget.

It's just an empty two room flat but I still dream
Two rooms of hope and the world
Spend the summer time naturally high
By, chopping wood for next winters fire
Saving our money for the county fair
George Jones is supposed to be
When my money's low 
And life's a bunch of zeros
I turn on my radio 
And listen to my heros

We got cowboy heros like ol' Gene Autry
Got a home
while you're drunk and you'll kill yourself dead"
We begin to argue, bad words were said
Then he got kicked out by some longhaired dread
Ran into the car
beats, like Benson and Hedges.
I'll be here by all for one, baby, one for all.
Need a nigga call anytime, I'll be there for y'all.

Sometimes you need
Writers: "Country" Johnny Mathis, V. Frank & George Jones

(Changed his name from Brown to Blue)

We stood there in the courthouse room
So close yet
fault my heart is broken angry words that we have spoken
I'm so sorry now for I have seen the light
Humbly hope that you still love me for I swear by
Written by Redd Stewart and Ernest Tubb
(As performed by George Jones) 
When the postman delivered the letter
Well, it filled her old heart full
without the bodyguards and henchmen
Paranoid and always flinchin, even your crew talkin dissentient
They see the 'masquerade' like George Benson
walk for miles
We'll go where the boats are leavin'
In St.George's bay

And when I look into your eyes
There's one thing that I can say
No one loves you