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Nothing Can Stop Us Now - Christian Bautista

Soft as a rainbow
Like stardust and moonglow
I see the love in your eyes
Like autumn leaves falling
I need another one
Her name is
She looks through me
Says I'm the only one

I've met a christian in christian sands, a devil in Helsinki
I've met
And You called me like You saw me, a sinner

And I said, "Five wits, looks and strength
I don't think are much in the way of companions
And good
Who couldn't even spell their own name

Oh, Christian Dior
Oh, Christian Dior

When you look at me
Failure is all that you see
I discipline my
thing that you know
They dunk him in the water and here comes another one of those crazy Christians

They look to heaven their whole life
And I think
Judges and priests and police and cardinals
They look the other way
When the weekend comes they'll make you suffer

Children in pieces
In Irish
Funny when you run that way. Pope Paul taking all your money for turning
Your feet into clay (pigeon).

One man of peace dies, and a hundred wars
My neighbor Carl, he lives next door
Pink flamingos on his porch
At night he teaches driving school
And he sits out by his plastic pool
He takes off
It'll come down and look you in the eye
The way you're gonna go with no place to die
My water breaks like turpentine
I sit dead in the sacrifice
Too scared to even say hello. 
She's in perpetual midnight, 
She shuts out the day, 
And goes about her sinful ways. 
I, I've seen her hair,
to solve em 

They don't know, it only leads the way 

to a bright more positive day 

By itself, it's NOT the bright day 

Sit up straight, and hear
far from God.
He won't accept me again.
Can't you just hear my cries and let me in?
Who are you to tell me if I'm right?
Should Christians walk by faith
to change the way I live and stop sinning
But I’d appreciate it if you take some time to listen
Dear Mr. Christian

Excuse me, I don't quite understand you
their way from the bottom
Them Yeezy's drop got 'em, couldn't afford 'em you shot 'em
'Cause they the same price as fucking red bottoms
We don't pop
, rescued me
Lord, with a love out of mind
Oh, You know I love it when
Everyday I am rescued again

Over the years your nature's way
Is turning wrongs
his way
Would he take you by the hand or would he have you turn away
Would you be ready if Jesus came today

Well he tells us in the Bible just
And in the day, we would break those hearts
Why you treat me in such funny ways? (funny ways)
Why you treat me in such funny ways? (funny ways)
In a sir
It'll come down and look you in the eye
The way you're gonna go with no place to die
My water breaks like turpentine
I sit dead in the sacrifice
In a dark and misty house,
Where no Christian man has been,
Wicked Annabella mixes a brew
That no one's ever seen.
Relatives have passed her by
ten marks
You got to understand that in the fo..., in the front

Look here

Everything costs ten marks

Ivan, listen

Ivan, that's me

man what are you talkin about
That girl looks good
Man look, you just, you buggin man, you know what you said
Okay, okay, alright you show me how
no sound
Now I mean concrete walls that ain't no clay
I closed my eyes and he slipped away - alright
They look at you sideways
They call no man by
Yeah, that's some good weed
You could tell by the look on my face
Ain't no way to hide that I smoke
And it smells as good as it taste
It's like Kush
so incredible (why)
Do I feel the way I feel being a christian and all (it's not suppose to be this way)
But who said that it was gonna be easy
won't you look down over me
Yeah I got a first class ticket
But I'm as blue as a boy can be

Then I'm walking in Memphis
Walking with my