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around my head

Light from another world
Waking up the dead
Wishbone breaking I'm for the taking
Nothing needs to be said

Night of a thousand girls
the way?
Her place to stay
She lost the hold
And lift got cold
As a raven flew
And silence grew
The ash-tree cried
And then she died
In darkest age
Crouching down inside a deep ravine
Those angry cries pass quickly by, he can't be seen
So many ways spent hiding in so many undone plans
There has been an act of war
Declared to the world by terrorists
I can't sit at home and watch TV
Anger and sadness rules my heart

Kind of justice
night DJ plays for the lost and lonely and their late night ways
Poppin pills washed down with coffee
With a little coffee blows a cigarette ash off
The world was dark and your only mark 
Was the light of the northern star 
I imagine what was in your eyes 
The seeds of rust and days gone by 
Your wings
There's nothing else left
Nothing else left to blame
Nothing else left

I woke up
In a column of ash
While the world came down
In a horrible
twisting the sterile canvas snoot of
a fully-charged icing anointment utensil. And every time a nice little muffin comes
by on the belt, he poots forth...
part of you
That holds it together"
And you always looked so happy when you were sleeping
Sleep is the only way sometimes
To live in a perfect world
Gone, I couldn't murder your promise
Right before my eyes
The revolutions of my psychosis
Kept me outta the way

Once, inside, all I hold is ash
Years of strain, obsolete forgotten, but was never dead
Rise from the ash of hatred
Haunting ways kept alive in secrecy, from the light of day
the stuff on the party floor
The past is so sad, the present is worse
Thank heaven we haven't a future

The world fills with trash and eskimo ash
Burn their corpse till they're ash, they all must die

Threatened their way of life, world angered
Aim hate at their hearts, rise up, enter battle
there by tomorrow
If you love me then I'll be down for it all
'Cause I ain't seen nobody like you
You look so good, when you walk by
I had to stop, you
this weed don't make me sane
But it should
In a world that's down and out
In a world that's down and out

I got my back against the wall
Firebombs...deathly flash, vapors spread so fast,
In a moment the world is ash.
There in the midst stands the deceiver
Bearing a brooding smile.
Surrounded by his
when it heard the first blast 
And then every dumb action movie was summarily surpassed 
And the exodus uptown by foot and motorcar 
Looked more like
as I contemplate in the dark
Dumpin' ashes on the fuckin' time magazine
Tryna burn a hole between israel and palestine
All this world news, all these
Nothing lasts forever
But judging by the weather
I'm starting to get a sick feeling that it might
And I don't want to fight you anymore Benjamin
My old man
He kicked me out
He kicked me out
When I told him that I lived this way
I lived this way, I lived this way
I lived this way, I lived this
My old man
He kicked me out
He kicked me out
When I told him that I lived this way
I lived this way, I lived this way
I lived this way, I lived
Getting sadder
Check it
No unity in my community
Everyone for themselves
That's they way it's gotta be
Don't think twice in this false paradise
strike this earth with pestilence and plagues
If I ever lay, may they cover me with weed, ash, hip and sage
Merry thug raid, may they bust in gauge
But run up and be a gonna
By the most wanted motha fucca in Northern California

Long as the world is spinnin
Whether I'm dead or livin
It's Sac Town
If everything is going my way 
Then why does it suck so much to be Eric Ritter today? 
I'm like the captain of the football team 
And every girl

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