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I had a dog named Banjo and a girl named Muffin
I'd just blew in from Texas and I didn't know nothing
I found my way around this town with a friend
and sacrifice for sin
I am your redeemer, beginning and the end
I am, I am, I am, I am

I am Jehovah, I am the king
I am the Messiah, I am David's offspring
'm unable to do

David: Unhappy am I
With all the powers I possess
Cause girl, you're the key to my happiness
Temptations: Can't get next to you
to turn to drugs
There's only one solution
Causing all the problem
We talking universal love

We can do it
If we try
Let war and hatred
Pass us by

And so I thank You

Moses is on his way down town
Yoshua maintaining the fountain
Right about now I should be over Chicago, lights out
father David
And he will reign over the house of David forever
His kingdom will never end"

I have traveled many moonless night
Cold and weary with
By David Allan Coe





just an empty stage.
She's a hard act to follow
I thought I'd find somebody by now
She's a hard act to follow
Her leavin' brought the whole house down.
Cast in silver and gold
I boast in the Lord
The servant of the poor Now

Blessed is the man that trod
In the ways of God
Never turn by back
I'm lost in a cloud and I can't get out
There's no other way, don't try

I'm caught in a car and I can't get out
I can't explain, I can't drive
By the way I say your name I always know,
And by the way, I always say your name.
So let's talk about anything.
I'll make up drinks you make up
as they stay the same

Produced by David Rosenthal
Words and Music - Jane
Lead vocal- Jane
Backing vocals - Jane/David Rosenthal
Programming - David
by michael mcdonald & david pack
Lost and lonely lives
Floating like waves at sea
We make it day by day
Watching the world go by

In a moment
to me
Although it seems like it should
It's because I  know I am understood when I hear Him say

Rest in me little David
And dry all your tears
Bleeding Lamb
Prince of Peace
The Great I Am I Am
Solid Rock
On which I stand
Mary's Baby
Son of Man

Son of God
Son of Man
Son of David
am I doin' here
God, what am I doin' here
You say your name is


Hey dude, check it out. I got this tape by some
Friends of mine, called Punk
I stand up and I stand by it what

I am a freedom fighter, the name that history wrote
And even through disaster, eye of the tiger for hope
my posture
I stand up and I stand by her, what?

I am a freedom fighter
The name that history wrote
And even through disaster
Eye of the tiger
a King

So come on, let Me dream, let Me dream for you
I am strong when you're weak and I'll carry you
So let go of your plan, be caught by My hand
I am, I am

Lord, who will be with you
Every day, all the way, come with me
Your? come through
Thick and thin, back again
I'm gonna hang right
Listen baby, would I lie to you
Just to run my fingers through your pukes?
Don't talk to me that way!
I am not a groupie!
I never said that...
[B&D:] I know you by heart.
You're so much a part of me.
I know you by heart.
[D:] Can't you see?

[B&D:] It's no wonder I can love you
The way that
Memories beckon me
Back to where I once became

We Are One (repeat)

Produced and programmed by David Rosenthal
Words and Music - Jane
have now it would fall way short of you

I am more than
I am more than tonight
I am counted called out by the light

You heard we were playing our
through your clothes like an ion
I am no american idol, no Simon Cowell
Wack niggas throw in the towel
I'm getting money with the rap, pay me by the vowel