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and grass
Poor bitch you gotta go
I don't fuck with broke bitches
Oh no
Back up bath waterless bitch
You just a ho
I don't fuck with broke bitches
Oh no
and have not one ounce of love
Picture if you will a waterless fountain with no true purpose from above

My life is nothing
Charity suffers long
Till I
the skin
Face to face
In a dry and waterless place

Walk on by
Walk on through
So sad to besiege your love so head on 
Stay this time
Stay tonight in
I had a come to Jesus revelation
In a blinding light I saw my soul's salvation
My feet don't falter my limbs don't ache
Through the waterless land
I'm at a loss
I don't know what to do
Feel like a waterless Nile
Could he just hold me?
Don't fear
So full of desire
Dare into sensation
born to be clever
So I conclude you`ll never lose

A windless sail and a waterless sea
A rusted ship and a discontinued journey
When will you be
of the sea
Cast upon the shore
Twice dead and a waterless cloud
Is hanging above your head
I've been trying to preach the truth
With the words that you bled
want you to stay
So please don't go away

You said I'd never be with you
But I'm by your side
I'd cross the waterless desert
To be by your side
(Conrad Deisler/Hank Card)
We rented a convertible in San Bernadino
We were driving for driving's sake
Across the tortured waterless mountains
In the empty waterless swimming pool
Are the psychopathic angels who remind me of the men who are dead
The fire feels so cool on our skin
When we
Why not take a look in the mirror
Ain't getting no closer, aint getting bigger
You're just angry and bitter
Hold your emotions you waterless river
before the shore is found
The land thirsts beneath the ghastly shade of waterless clouds
The beggars choke on breathless pleas offered at the feet
God, Thee, my God, I'll early seek
My soul's athirst for Thee
On dry land, weary, waterless
My flesh has longed for Thee

Thus have I looked for Thee
Eyes sheltered, waterless, are true when empty and pitiless.

Never are broken tears to mending, nor the solace of an ending.
Left to choices
see us waterless
They'd rather see Keith Davis case out of court and shit
Marilyn Mosby cavorting like she ain't full of shit

Just another year of low
you dope but they don’t pay you what you worth
Without this art
Without this music
I’m like a waterless mother earth
I been an artist since I was
to feel
It's got a lonely disposition, waterless for years 
Am I the one causing all this friction, is hubris my Achilles heel 
Afraid of all these years
as ever been
Ringless and waterless
Welcome to the waste
To the water-less hole
There's an empty grave
For all leftover flesh rodeos

The silence will lead us to reason
I feel so little
I question if I'm real
I'm more like stone
Than most mountains
I'm numb to the bone
Like a waterless fountain
But I just can't
God, you are my God; I seek for you
My soul is earnestly thirsting for you
I long for you with all that I am
As in a dry, weary, waterless land

I thought that if I wandered I’d discover my life
But all that I found was dry and waterless ground
The search evaporated everything in my heart
ain't in it they're not real wood
Escape with demand
On we go, waterless world, on we go
On we go
The universe is a discrete space made up
The waterless trough
Haters fuck off
It's a matter of time

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