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Can you erase it with a magnet?

There was a chainsaw fight. I saw it at the water park.
And though the sun is up, it's still getting dark.
Parched with thirst for the wicked
Sick liaisons raised this monumental mark
The sun sets forever over Black Water Park
that I-R-O-N-I-C-I-N-O-R-I-R-O-N-I-C a water park has burned to the ground and tow truck has broken down. I always use to cry when I laugh,
But then I
your girl's hair crimped)
Take her to a yard sale.
(Donkey Elephant Hypercop be written by Disneyland)
Take the turban off,
Put holy water parks in
then I'ma put it on ya
Ain't nothin' sweeter, you want this sugar, don't ya?
Up, down, inside, water park it, slip slide
Would'a, could'a, should'a
I'll come to you
Just relax while I analyze your tattoos, 
Tryna see where I'ma put my name on your back boo
Just when you thought the water park
New city
Old buildings
Build this ground
On floodplain
Near nearly water
And dogshit park

New city
Old buildings
Council going
should call ahead
She got that super fire I cant even lie
She like a water park she aint never dry
And I just call her bae and she just call me gotti
'Til I get to see you again

Then it's 3-2-1, I'm countin' down the hours
Til we're driving around town, park by the water tower
And it's not 10-11, get
for decoration
Ain't nobody cookin', nobody bakin'
Leavin' my curls in the shower
And no more missin' the hot water
Park my woo-hah in the sky
Baby girl got that water park, when she get up, she left a water mark
Black Patek Philippe, motherfuckers like Armor-All
Ok, now all in all, got
please don't) wait

And the sky is dark
The bats invade the park
The water swims the shark
But don't just wait, go
there we'll know
No bars on the cellphone
Sounds good to me
We can find us a place to park
By the water underneath the stars
And do a little fishin' in
know his luck up

Like it's Noah's Ark, that pussy wet, no water-park
She said drop that meat in me just like a shopping cart
Told me "Head straight
is yours, this land is mine

The lightning over the park, the waters, brash and dark
We take a swim, we take a swim
I never meant to escape the carpet
like muah
Made her squirt all over the seat, now I gotta wash the car
It's like I dived on the slide of the water park
Her pussy was gushy, I dropped
is yours, this land is mine

The lightning over the park, the waters, brash and dark
We take a swim, we take a swim
I never meant to escape the carpet
water bottle booze 
Beachside theme park zoo
The Wonder Wheel is the best
We're stuck at the top so you pull off your dress
We're going for a spin
Standing by the water fall in Paramus Park

She was working for the friends of BAI
She was collecting quarters in a paper cup
She was looking for change
back up

Girl what do you say?
We cut a path through that cornfield
Park down by the water
Let me show you how country feels

Let your hair down, hair
Diamonds looking like a water park
So much money I don't wanna talk
If they catch him know he gonna talk
All these foreigns I don't wanna walk
All this
Commando with no encore, sore like a bald eagle
to this world full of evil
a shields of forcefield, transparent like Dear Parks spring water
tracks are
as bent as a crowbar
We all want some release
Just like the queen of the trailer park
Sometimes she's the queen of the water, of the river
Down here
Tell the king to park his soul

For being an old beat
So in spirit
So maximum
That only water's more deep
To find him

Deals trust him by them

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