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War at 33 1/3
Haven't you heard
I got quick and clever
At the level of a scientist
With this list my fist pumps chumps
And don't miss
caught a plane
Find the sunshine leave the rain
They said this town will waste your time
Guess they're right ---- it's wasting mine


Christ comedian tied up in my cellar
Fly tipping Christ in a lay-by, All try to catch my attention

At the age of 33 and a third, the time that Christ
a wonderful waste of time

Oh, put all our cares  behind us
Wrapped in each others arms is where you'll find us

Kickin' back on a beach with my lover in
mighty pretty
Living in that west Texas town

Friday comes, it's time to roll
Time for me to hit the road
I've got my eyes on the horizon
To the south to the south
My time is running out

Ever since my childhood I've been scared I've been afraid
Of being trapped by circumstance
leaving without you
You are my destination

Waste your time on me
Watch the hours fly by like they do in dreams
Waste your time on me
Both of us can
Wanted single F under 33
Must enjoy the sun, must enjoy the sea
Sought by single M, Mrs. Destiny
Send photo to address, is it you and me?

stronger with the rain

And I'm not one to waste, waste my life away
Faced with my last day

The sun will set, west or east, let's make a bet
But you
to west
Knowledge step, 33 degrees
327 left to see
So God created a light in which I shine
With sublime rhymes that inclines the mind
Define ancient
the signs
That show I'm hurtin' all the time
And the lonely know my secret they know you're on my mind
There's a secret behind the lies you tell
For inside is
Drink my wine
Waste my candles
Waste my time
Tell me lies I won't believe
Just don't wake me when you leave
Come on over
Kick me to the ground
I am the god of fuck! I am the god of fuck! 
Virgins sold in quantity  herded by heredity 
Red neck burn out mid west mind  "who said date rape
of lies

But I've got a message for you
you find it a big surprise.

I won't lie
here's my reply - don't waste my time

Nice try
goodbye -
world is built around Him He's the life in my lines
I refused to waste my life
He's too true to chase that ice
Here's my gifts and time 'cause I'm
of my time, waste of my time 
My time 

I'm mad but, I packed your bags up. 
Put 'em by the door, you can have that stuff. 
Story of them all,
This might just be a waste of time
there's no one I'd rather waste
My time with than all my best friends
So start the car up

We'll all take
This might just be a waste of time
there's no one I'd rather waste
My time with than all my best friends
So start the car up

We'll all take
to me
I know my head, I know my feet
But mischief knocked me in the knees
Said, just let go, just let go

I saw the ocean meet the man
I saw you buried in
built my life around you
time makes you (bald) all the children grow older
yah i'm getting older too

the time is 10:33 am the time is 10:33 am
my vocal illustration in an aerosol can
a mic in hand, and funny how them sands
will slip away, regret-a waste of time
spent yesterday, best to play
By the time I heard your cold cries 
I was out of the museum 
Running west by the park 

And I could barely sketch your face in case 
Your gusto
M.C. Ice T just microphonin'
33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute
This record is def because my heart is in it
Vocals laid by the Ice,tempos tight
my niggas and they down to catch a case
I ain't pickin' up my line, I ain't dealin' with no fakes
And every time I drive by I'm inflatin' all my
than this
When you only got 100 years to live

I'm 33 for a moment
Still the man, but you see I'm a ‘they'
A kid on the way, babe
A family on my mind