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내가 변한 것 같애
난 나를 내버려두게
아까운 걸 구별하고 나서 saving them
투자는 오로지 가치 있는 종목에
재미가 없는 데엔 안 써
재미가 없는 곳은 안 가
재미가 없는 거는 wastage
멍청하지않아 이제 아낄줄 알지
하나 내가 지킬거야 내
Judgement day for human race
The moment of truth has come to us
Years of neglect and needless wastage
Now suffering the endless human greed
of carbon-based wastage
Just a fucking tragic epic of you and I
western treadmill of deception and derision
But I want something more

Racing through a life of tragic wastage
I experience the loss of trust
a sample of carbon-based wastage,
Just a fucking tragic epic of you and I
a sample of carbon-based wastage,
Just a fucking tragic epic of you and I
Euro reflect on wastage

Two Librans reflect
Two Librans high and low in mind
To Oprah Winfrey
She studied bees
Studied bees two Librans
The sea of black, the beaming heat on their faces
Then a figure emerges from the wastage
Eyes transfixed with a piercing gaze
One hand clutching
prison brutality, a whole wastage of human creativity
That is why we are against it

Politician, hush don't make a sound
Been oppressing us, couple
of wastage an instant
And everything's changed

Woke up feeling thirty-five
Though grateful that I'm still alive
Another chance at normalcy
To chase the dream
Lyrical baatein, wastage rakhun minimal
Mere scalpel v to hain tez
Body ka v hai gyan toh dissect v he clinical
Unable to rise yeh bhi weak lage
Yours can't true 
Fake plastic wastage 
Illusion in my room 
Why  Am I still seeing her face 
Din din Don 
I hope isn't you 
(Isn't you)
I don't wanna see
Of health 
I am awake now 
But synchronize nothing 
Wastage repaid 
With empty forfeit 
Resemblance met 
With a final stroke 
At the lucid heart
going through some things and nobody understand me
I understand the depression holding me hostage 
Wastage time talking to my family 
Cause they don't
it then I’m gon do it
You shoot shots
But I dodge bullets
Like the matrix I ain’t basic
I put wastage on their faces
Only FaceTime if she naked
to craze here oh
I never tell you make you no dey form i never tell you make you no dey jonze
Everything e be wastage o Everything e be wasted o
I never tell
This hatred is wastage coz life is sacred
Let love be contageous
Love is the most universal language
Cyaan be overrated, I and I a seh never giving
you be saying some fake shit
I ain't got time for the lateness
Been too nice for the wastage
I am not a bin man you waste bitch
Get out my face quick,
I think I shouldn't have lived this long
Cause it's nothing just wastage of time
I think I shouldn't have speak this long
Cause I know that I'm not
I see weakness, I hear pathetic excuses
I see a misplaced pride in being a human
A species hell-bent on delusion

I see weakness, I hear
aiming, I’m building from breaking 
Departing from the Bussum South station
Moving to a different realm, finding basis
Me to blame for day wastage
Pushed against the wall
Ruins wastage refuse trifle debris
It is unnervingly normal
So ordinary that it looms obscene

Pushed against the wall
the pressure of your needs Since mindless wastage and consumption growing stronger Day by day 
There is this cause you once called guilt Now you just wash it off
And nobody worried about that anymore
They were too busy worrying about the next war

The wastage seeped out and diseases were found
In the lungs

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