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But she could not hide her tears
'Cause they were sent to wash away those years
They were sent to wash away those years

My anger's violent
with soil
Wash away this holy lie

Down across the land, return to ancient creed
Mother, father, child, now and ever be
Praise the wind and rain, praise
it away.
If I can then I will, wash it away
if she can then she will, wash it away.

Forty years spent one by one
Forty years of life just
Longing home, lost and led astray
I have only million years to give
But at last... I live
Bled for our creed
Why must we still bleed?
I alwas took
In just a year another storm will come
To wash away an inch more blood
Its lack of hatred, politics or creed
Left us blind, open wide,
The only way I know

Days of rain
Watch the river of tears roll by
Wash away
The pain of several years go by

Days of rain
Days of rain and I wonder
Riches no one can exceed 

And why are some men born 
With a fate of poverty 
One firm bed 
For a swollen back 
Year by year 
The bodies wracked
And my childhood born
And the difference
We let the water wash away
The water washed away

The water washed away
The water washed away
wash away what I felt for you that day.
Just you and me down an old dirt road,
Nothin' in our way,
Except for the Georgia Rain.

The cottonfields
As the failing light illuminates the mercenary's creed
The home fire burning, the kettle almost boiling
But the master of the house is far away
The horses
the windowpane
And I face in the direction I am bound
Cover up the sun
Let the river run
Make the waters come and wash me away
Me, Clifton and the King
Always you and no-one else but you

When storms come our way
When tides wash away
When storms come our way
When tides wash away

I will always love
Wash away such useless information

Ooh, hundreds of people left out in the cold
Wearing the shoes that were silver and gold
Useless information
and drown in my own tears

You drew your first breath so close to me
Now we've been apart for years and years

She can wash the land away, tides turning
will be a different place
And the past will wash away like coffee stains

We could be kings of the world
On top of the nation
It's a celebration
promised me
Flow on, river of time
Wash away the pain and heal my mind
Flow on, river of time

Carry me away
And leave it all far behind
Flow on river
Colonel Forbin stared up at the mountain

And wiped away the beads of sweat

That glistened on his brow

His tired feet were buried in the quagmire
the window of his room on the stairs
Watching the waves gentle wash on the pier

Many years have passed on sonny?s old and along
His daddy the sailor never
diggin' our heels hard as we can
But the backyard looks like the Rio Grande
And I wonder, will it wash us clean or wash us away?

[Chorus: x2]

I came shackled down with fears
About our dreams and wasted years
And now I know exactly how to feel

Wash away the tears
All the angry times
the street was my best friend
When his smile took away my tears
Back in the days of the innocent years

You might grow wiser every day
But there's a price you
I should last for one year more, and God should grant me grace
I'll save enough crystal tears to wash his deceitful face
To wash his deceitful face.
you'd like it to be

There'll be snow on the passes tomorrow
You can feel it in the chill of the wind
Let the rain wash away all my sorrow
Today is
I'm spared young year more, and if God should grant me grace.
I'll weep a bowl of crystal tears, and wash his deceitful face.
And wash his deceitful
As the failing light illuminates the mercenary's creed.
The home fire burning: the kettle almost boiling --
But the master of the house is far away.
The horses