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What's around me?

Liquid washed down my throat like soap, yeah
I don't wanna think about the shit that's warped
But I don't wanna be deep
Listen to the news, changes are coming soon 
Atlantic engineers and cities in the moon 
You better look across the ocean, tell me what you see
There are strange signs in the air tonight
The walls creep close
Surrounded by liquid shapes and shadows 

The minstrel is convincing tonight
I am a very important person.
I've acquired a genetically altered handshake capable of speeds up to 30 mph.
Hair arranged by the most advanced
The forest has been filled by a fog
Exactly a description of my isolation
I made a note of it in my log
To the secret of all creation
I follow my own trail
[Ignignokt] Behold y'all, the digital vats of urine
[Err] Drink up bitches! Taste our liquid gold
[Ignignokt] Err, you must respect yourself
thrill sticks
This girl will spit fire
Got me doing pirouettes over her guilt trip wire
I still skip by a land mine or two, see I've learned the landscape
to introduce me to her homies
I said "Well, baby girl, go get your kemo sabes"
"I'll get my Liquid niggas"
"We'll meet you in the lobby"
She walked wit' a smile

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