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It won't be Christmas without you

I try to make it on my own
But this house don't feel like a home
2000 miles away tonight, tonight

Don't you know
There's a cold wind blowing
Downtown tonight
Oh, I'm all alone
Walking around, I don't feel right

I'm so used to feeling warm
Having you
the morning
To be out walking down that road!
Just feeling another day beginning while some fools just rushing on by,
We'll be like some Mr. Independence: we're
Or if she's even home.
Maybe I'll go walking around
Or take a taxicab downtown
Or lay a five-dollar bill on the ground by the wino
While he's
if you play in must town son you'll play it by the rules
That downtown time shed light on sights you won't see in school

Out of jail I found myself
A fraction too much friction
Science fiction
Uptown girl downtown jive talking
Walking in the rain stayin' alive
Freak out

We can work it out,
drop my draws
They like "Oh My God"

Verse 2:
Got 2000, 2-0-2
A rag top that`s candy blue
Fuck dubs, it`s 22 (soooo serious)

(Mack 10)
Still the days go by, blessed one time
Night and day coincide
I just want to live, I just want to live

I'm kinda antsy on my feet, on these