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datin' Benny and he keeps her by his side,
Kathy's still the cutest girl these boys will ever find,
Riders line up BSA's out on the scrambler's tracks,
by his side. 
Kathy's still the cutest girl these boys'll ever find. 
Riders line up bsas out on the scramblers track. 
Levis jeans and leather jackets
and a cinnamon Pop-Tart
The bell doesn't work, foo, you better knock hard
Line by line, I'm doing fine
Ideas on my mind for my time
Hail when my kind does
what I wanna pop, 'til the "Body Rot" stop
Generation X, I am the mastermind, general militants seven times, revolution rebellious, totally out of line
Never link none of my exes secretly
If it's beef with you, then it's beef with me
So if I die by the gun
And you don't wanna ride out, don't tweet rest