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I'm Bert, p'raps you've heard of me
Bert, you've had word of me,
Jogging along, hearty and strong
Living on plates of fresh air
I dress up in
{DJ Q Bert scratches "right  now here we go"} 

[Dr. Octagon] 

A lot of rappers are wack  they cold booty from the buttcrack 

I be a stranger ?
I shall walk right by and sigh good-bye.

I've been looking for a good guy
For a long, long time
Been looking for a good guy,
manage to stay away

We have been tender
Don't return to send her
The love that was coming your way
I will defend you my friend
I won't quietly walk away
strong yet tneder
You draw me in
Lke the moon draws the tide
Swept away by this love
Taken in by your eyes
If I had to walk away from you
I know that it
When I was born I had no head
My eye was single and my body was filled with light
And the light that I was, was the light that I saw by
Count your blessings
Walk the line
Don't move too fast
Or fall behind
There are rules you must obey
They get re-written by the day
Don't do
Speak so softly, afraid to use the name
Tongue tied quietly, just turn and walk away
A future perfect, with holes torn in the sides

Da, da, da, da
Da, da, da, da

Corner exit, not tall enough to walk out standin' straight
Designed by men so ladies would have to lean back in
goes another
Mr Zero stands still, and Miss Someone don't bother

Yesterday's kiss will be cold by tomorrow
As campfires of midnight dissolve in
goes another
Mr Zero stands still, and Miss Someone don't bother

Yesterday's kiss will be cold by tomorrow
As campfires of midnight dissolve in
So quietly I walk back home
 So glad that I am not alone
 I love the blue of night on frigid winter days
 I love the crystal light of frigid winter
As May melts into June
When she comes by every evening
Lays down beside me softly breathing
What's the place where you see more girls 
that you'd like to pick up, than any other place?

Honey was offended by the pick up line
Honey was
to thrill.

And all my enemies,
I want their eyes to see,
Their captain walk the plank
Destroy them, rank by rank.

Sail with me into the setting sun
this kind of life
Quietly I'll sleep behind the wheel
And passing every face you see
But first I'll
Take in every piece as you walk by
Proving that
baby in a basket, seven pounds is all I weighed
And before I learned to walk well I'd mastered Donkey Kong
Q'bert, Final Fight, Master Blaster and Pong
from O 
That's mucho denero, like Robert Denero, Irob Berts denero 
A hero like the sandwich, a man which has mills like Stephanie Mills 
Dills like
I walk the earth quietly,
By day carry a net.
With no strings attached,
To a magic marionette.

See there's so little time left
And yet there's
ruckus bringer
Downtown swinga, SS Thousand, my index finger
We here with the whole squad, First Family empire
Bert Dog (Bucka-Blaow) reportin for Roll
to drink
At least the sand is cold
Wish the sea would drown the freeway

Instead, girls stare in dead-eyed wonder
They can't walk with fallen soldiers
First up it's the nuts up, what's up 
To the niggas from the projects 
Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I'm lookin' at another crime scene 
Committed by
And try to sail on it again,
And we'll walk and quietly talk
All through the country of your skin,
Made up of pieces of the places
That you've dreamed
suit, no tie
Niggas ain't gonna be able to just get by no mo'
You leavin' the hotel 254

Today was good to me, I went to the Goodwill
With the ten
you'll have to excuse me
Please please, please excuse me
You'll have, you'll have to excuse me
This will be my first time

By definition from grade

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