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Bear your poisonous thorns

Walk into traffic
Running with open knives
Searching for mercy here
That I'm too weak to find

To take my deepest breath
I'm complete 

She lives by the wall 
and waits by the door 
She walks in the sun 
to me 

Visions of Mexico seduce me 
It goes to my head so
I'm standing in the shadow of Ellis Paul
I might get some gigs but I won't get them all
I've made a lot of hurdles but I might have hit a wall
In denial who will come clean 
All the ravenous debris 
In disguise sideswiped by penance 
Cerecloth sentencing 
This scapegrace will pay my
I walk these streets alone, shadows hide my face
My sins are etched in stone, never to erase
My fears unshakeable, if I could believe
I'd trade
Lonely, lonely, lonely child, crystalline and lace
Won't you walk me awhile, put a smile upon my face
I don't want to take your love in vain
These words in shadow play
Here and now, long and loud
My heart cries out
And the naked bone of an echo says
Don't walk away

Reach out your hands I'm
Night children bring my words
Howling them through the dark
The time is here for my return
With the shadows I walk

Twilight shrouds the earth
a world, live in a world of my own creation
Live in a world, live in a world of my own

Shadows throw their image down upon me
I crawl on thorns
When I look up at the stars
As I walk in the night
Down the street by my house
It feels good

When I look up at the stars
As I walk in the night
God walks the dark hills
The ways, the by ways
He walks through the billows 
Of life's troubled sea
He walks through the cold dark night
The shadows
to say

Red, red roses, all but one yellow bud
The gentle thud of unrequited love

Am I protected by this thorn in my heart?
What must I have been
Around me the shadows
Of women and men
And they all walk right through me
And I walk through them
And I cast by my back
And I cannot believe
to my chosen under an apple tree
"Let's get married," I don't walk, I get carried
By a motorcade of voter-age women on rollerblades
In cute sleeveless
I am the earth
Chained to horns
Its ground is my flesh
Pierced by Holy thorns
I am the earth
Burning deep within
It's water is my blood
Blackened by
by thorns - decayed angels fall


Dawn of the grand flagellation - desolated chaos divine
centuries of holocaust - annihilation
What am I but a thorn in your side?
Frost in summer, to chill your heart
A drifting memory of autumn decay
A shadowed soul in a fetter of light
villages every word I hear

I am the almighty, the one with wisdom wide
I am the great shadow and from daylight in my tower I hide
I have seen the abyss
oblivion This frost of endless punishment Tha path I walk is paved with the ashes of corpses Beneath my feet are souls of thousands Crushed by one stroke
a Beamer
I guess you could say I was what you'd call a shadow dreamer
I told my father that I didn't think I'd ever get in
I said I might as well just
one, the evening shadows fell.
One by one by one, we heard the bell.
And I remember more than I can tell,
From Winchester.

Maybe there's no one
And sugar and spikes and neon nights
Walks in lights, in chains coughin' smoke-whoopin' hope
Cardinal sky rush by
Falls bark in dark, all back in
Nothing seems right
Except for the music at night
A change in the season
It comes like a thorn in my side
Lost in a maze, lost in a maze

Lord I have a heavy burden of all I've seen and know
It's more than I can handle
But your word is burning like a fire shut up in my bones
And I
Like angels by your side in the alley)

On my journey I change the time,
Leave everything behind me.
(Shadows in the night
Like angels by your side