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Strikes a blow with his census form
By summoning Star Wars tripe

Here's a thing that I'd love to say
Lynndie England walks free today
If she'll only
Rose, Ro-ose, Ro-o-ose
This is the last time I''ll walk into this gar-arden
All alone without the one I lo-ove
For today is the day I''m gonna
Now I used to walk with the gun now I walk like a man
And I walk what I talk and I walk never ran
And I never say never but I mean hardly ever
And if
ol' wine or rock 'n' roll
If it feels real good let it move your soul
But if it hurts to sa-ay her na-ame, baby let go

Walk away, leave well alone
suit, no tie
Niggas ain't gonna be able to just get by no mo'
You leavin' the hotel 254

Today was good to me, I went to the Goodwill
With the ten
[Intro: Cee-Lo]
It's 6 O'clock, it's volume 1
Yeah, Greg Street's mixtape

[Verse One: Boondox]
Uh uh
I came up in the hood infested with
work as one his captains
And gave me 100 bricks and said "Migo, get it bracking"
I walk into a Mexican Mafia meeting like

What's happening? Pac's
cause they had a lot of Lo there
Thirty deep, rent-a-cop screaming that it’s no fair
We was boosting everything from Tommy Hil to Wu-Wear
Prada wasn't
wanna get two partners alone

Because I'm only 25, and still going live
Got the estate by the pool, by the lake outside
I wake up, and gotta pick
[Intro: Cee-Lo]
It's 6 O'clock, it's volume 1
Yeah, Greg Street's mixtape

[Verse One: Boondox]
Uh uh
I came up in the hood infested with

Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together  

and help me welcome to the stage 

all the way live from Los Angeles
Toca, cantalo
Cri-mi-nal, tremendo escan-da-lo, what?

[speaking to Pain in Da Ass]
Okay Tony, you're going too far now
These motherfuckers will kill
Desperado estelado
Armados como soldados, pelones matones descontrolado
Los Mexicanos tumbados
Encabronados malos like el capon I'll be chingon
put in work like red ants 
And when I walk by Curtis Mayfield'll draft 
And spell the full limp love is just like Shaft 
Shit I craft, is harder than
Even though I drive a new 6 double 0
They be thinkin' like "What is Los frontin' for?"
I bought a club and they filled up with envy
Now every body
blessed by the L-O,
Say hello to my big partner,
Yo with this heavy metal,
I'm a rock ya,
I tell yo fuckin' block, bring your guns,
Ya bring your
look when I walk by
Uh, from the Bay how I talk like
Uh, I look good on the off night
Uh, girl you look like a boss type
Uh, I got go like a niner

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