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Get up, wake up, open your eyes
Take up, Puerto Rican judo class (Puerto Rican Judo)x3
That's, the only alternative that, you have to pass
Adrian, don't you understand?
Fools like us are always dreaming.
And when you go to bed
And cover up your head
It's better if you try to stop
Can't stop, won't stop, I must be dreaming.
Can't stop, won't stop, I must be dreaming.

And she moves in closer.
Whispering to me, "I thought I told
And now I know 
What she does to me 

She takes me high 
She takes me high 
She takes me high 
She takes me high 
She wakes me up 
She breaks me
Wake yourself up
You've been dreaming again
About having new friends in a ghost town

Wake yourself up
You've been dreaming again
About having new
on the east side
Want to wake up next to you
But I’m dreaming on the west side
Trying to find my way to you

Tell me you want me
Speechless and I’m shaking
That you miss me
And you don't stop
To say hi
On your way by
This is crazy

Time to wake up,
And put on my strong face
pass by
The tick tock of life leaving us hypnotized
Mesmerized a stun gun leaving you in a daze
Better wake up now before you find yourself slipping away
been dreaming
With open eyes
Wishing you were here with me
I keep believing that I'll wake up
And you will be right by my side

Right by my side
light, ah-ah 

So in love 
Is a dream reality till you wake up 
Oh seems to good to be true 

He loves me, oh he loves me not 
He loves me, oh he loves me
More nightmares
Someone wake me when they're through
Stop my lover's ghost from trying to protrude
(You're burning, you're burning)
It's chaotic,
falling asleep in the backseat of your back
We'll wake up in the snow that'll bury all our troubles

Won't you take my hand like I know you will
Yuh si you, yuh nuh easy, yuh know, you a laugh
Yuh know yuh nuh stop pressure mi dream dem though
Every night, I a wake up wet, soak ina sweat
it close to you


Every night when I'm dreaming
I wanna dream about you
And every morning when I wake up
I wanna wake up right
Heaven's coming

We finally came to a stop
On the other side
You were still in the car
So where was I
Somebody wake me up
I swear I must be dreaming
Sitting in my old and dusty room,

I tell myself that things will change.

But you see, when I wake up from my dreaming,

It's still the same,
The glock, two shots, three shots they screaming
Then someone said ("Hey wake up kid, you're dreaming!")
I said, "Yo dreaming?! That nightmare was hell"
So nigga stop acting like we don't know killas too
fucking with my money like I don't know gorilla's too
Chris told me get my money, get the fuck up
Wake up feeling blessed up
Pistol on that dresser
Ain’t afraid to show it, I’ll expose it if I dress up
Riding in that Testarossa, nigga catch up
I wake up some mornings
Thank God not as often as I used to
Slow and heavy from dreams with you
You've found a way back in
Once again my long
you'll know
The queen of her own world

Stop dreaming and wake up
Your silly world is not what's real
This world of fake friends
and computers -
Wake up shivering, pillow next to a lamppost
Straight up out the motherfuckin’ crockpot it’s Watts
One stops leave you with dope, socks is not boxed
can tell
That's you're one of a kind
And if I'm dreaming I don't wanna wake up until you're mine {oh no}
Gotta know you're name
And I don't know
without meaning
In the mist I can see it gleaming
Time to wake up and stop the dreaming
'Coz your my lil Baby cakes
And I know you got what it takes
It's like everyday I wake up to some new bullshit
Somebody got something to say about me
Ayo these niggas want to take my spot but you know what I

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