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new way, brand new day
Give it to me, alright

You know the mother called the father on the telephone
She cried, "My God I’m so upset"
She said the boy
Come home, it's a brand new day
Come home, my Sherri, Sherri runaway
Come on, there's a devil to pay
Come home, my Sherri, Sherri
Yeah, come on over tonight we'll sit on the swing
Watch the pigs fly by flappin' their brand new wings
Just sit back and relax and watch me eat my hat
brand new way-ay, I can see it comin' in
It's a brand new day-ay, oh yeah-eah, uh-huh
Brand new day-ay, brand new way-ay

The mother called the father
you get home from the road?
I'ma kiss my girl right, when I get thru the do'
It's goin down

Brand new truck, butter-soft seats (You bet we got a)
of loss between the two

There goes that bracelet for her arm
There goes that new fence for my farm
There goes that brand new Pontiac
There goes
Come home to me baby, come explain yourself to me
You and I are gonna start a family, a brand new baby
Come off that off the wall jive

Cause if
your breakfast muffin 
My appearance shock your brand new motherfuckin leather 
I ain't say nothin 
Cause in your panties secretly, I know you readin
is planet Earth, than my hell's a basement

A brand new me
Yeah, yeah
Why you wanna do me like that, Miss Conception?
Between heaven and hell
nails done 
A new Prada bag, a brand new Jag 
See that don't make me a golddigger 
I just like the finer things you can bring 
It might sound funny

Chorus: [D] I can see us now riding [G] in a brand new wagon [D] Happy as king upon his [A] throne [D] Papa
Come show them my cash bundle, you are a pocket 
addicted to money, they can't stop it, it's daily comin by the ton 
Verse Three: see-Bo 
curtain a brand new delight!

now until the last beatle drop

This morning, I woke up
Feeling brand new and I jumped up
Feeling my high's, and my low's
In my soul, and my goals
you see 
I was the oldest of the family 
And everybody was depending on me every night 
I heard my mama pray lord give home strength to make another
I've loved you for so long
But still we feel brand new
At home, inside your arms
Somebody's missing you

Somebody's missing you
Longs to be kissing
A brand-new house full of brand-new shit
A brand-new car in my brand-new driveway
I always keep the top down on the highway
Too $hort, baby,
months out the year, it's got you asking what's good at home
What's good at home?
The same hoes are still at it, I shoulda known
My young n****s poppin'
to feel better than home feels
And so you up there every night you swear you getting close
That champagne money was for gas and phone bills
But shit you
Yo, in case you ain't know
I go by the name of Akon and I'm from
(Africa, Africa)
Home of the Goree Islands

I'm from Senegal, West-side
Love Jones, I got a Love Jones 

I got a Love Jones.. for you 

(repeat 2X) 

[Bobby Digital] 

Yo girl you shinin like a brand new spankin
now until the last beatle drop

This morning, I woke up
Feeling brand new and I jumped up
Feeling my high's, and my low's
In my soul, and my goals
Do it again....tomorrow
Gibbedy gab Gab on the telephone
You're never home- I get the answering machine's
Def-tone, so I recite a poem
But my bill's so
dumpin' low-low's, you know I'll burst 
To get my cash on, I spin the A-1 dolla 
For money by the ton, come get it with no soda 

Money by
and close that other eye

Now you see this brand new razor
I had it sharpened just today
I'm comin' in there with my own rules
That you must follow when