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learned to speak by counting
Is moving on
Well, free of understanding

I was lucking to get out alive
the way he once was upon a time
But he don't know no other way to make a living on the grind	
Selling drugs is all he's been, his only way of getting by
all by yourself
I'll be waiting for you

Love is my drug, is my medicine
Stay with me honey, stay with me honey, stay with me
Love is my drug
So tell me am I wrong?
For tryin' to communicate through a song
I'm up early in the morning, by sunrise I'll be gone
All my homies is waitin' for me
honey, in your rock and roll dreams,
You can stand by your blue suede shoes-
But the party is over,
And I'm getting tired of waiting for you.

Oh baby,
Lips that need no introduction but now waiting for your call
If picture's worth a thousand words then your touch is worth them all

Don't need no drugs
of fire

Sister of mercy I'm hooked on your drug
Well I hear the cry of the sirens
And the reeper is calling
She's really gripped around my soul
Well, you hit me like a flood, hit me like a drug in the ocean
Give me four on the floor and six by the dozen
Be the life of the party cause
mushrooms, LSD
[Verse 1]
The illicit hard drug industry is one trillion
Annual, you think you want to end this? Fantasy!
International ?? eradicate, futile
of waiting and still we stand in line
Yea, this is all addition by subtraction
A simple chain reaction of the mind

Yeah, we are just these people running
I've heard the warning
So far away
Blood drunk like water
Now no more rain
Who's waiting for me
Now lost my friends
No one will ever
Miss me
Pave these streets with open arms
It's always you we're waiting on
The skin, the taste, the drug, the need
I'm asking, telling you, don't leave
are you waiting for 
Times now life is yours life is short 
Truth's something you can't buy in stores 
Unless it's leveled for 

We're the new
that's never won
This is the soldier and his gun
This is the mother waiting by the phone praying for her son

Pictures of you
Pictures of me
All upon your
school propaganda,
The only threat to heads is silenced by dumb pleasure,
Museums are dead take a new art stance,
Paint mass suicide on the aspiration
sat in a game at the Miner's Saloon soon I had doubled my stake
The cards run like they'd been dealt by Lady Luck they were just sealin' my fate
A young
and the lights they fade away
I wish that love and life would pass me by
And when the band stops a song because there's something going on
Well there is magic in
the killing were made by you,
Do not blame him
Closed my eyes, left me alone-remember
A drug composed with the things that you do
Drowning in words, though they
on the floor, wait on a few lines
Wait a taxi to come by
Waiting for the preacher, talk to my teacher
Do it all for love, do it for the drugs
That’s my job
waiting in line they gotta have

Last night was the first night I got sleep
Tossing and turning for two or three weeks
My nightmares are triggered by
you better than the rest
You feed me drugs and see what you have made
Day by day situation growing worse
You weren't content to let neture take its

My heart is like a filling station
And it jumped with joy when you pulled in
And you later got caught for speedin'
And this drug
color when you're miserable

Veronika, Saint Veronika
You can't leave this world behind
So be strong enough to hold onto us
We're still right here by your
the ER waiting to hear what the nurse say
I dun' payed for more funerals than birthdays
Finish a whole one and a half by Thursday (word) 
So just
Sister of mercy I'm hooked on your drug
Well I hear the cry of the sirens
And the reaper is calling
She's really gripped around my soul
My time has

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