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Wah-oh-oh, wah-oh-oh
And everyone's moving, everyone's grooving
I wanna now tell you why

Oh wae oh, don't wanna hit the floor
Oh wae oh, will let you anymore
The way I mate, the way I mate, the way I mate
I call a girlie girlie in a wae-oh
I call a girlie girlie in a wae-oh

I call a hubby hubby,
Altho' my back be at the wa', 
And tho' he be the fautor; 
Altho' my back be at the wa', 
Yet, here's his health in water. 
O wae gae by his
nan sarang in geot gateunde
Waeyo waeyo wae eyo waeyo

Pyeongsoen eomneun deut singyeong an sseuneun deut
Hajiman eonjena naega himi deul ttaen
wan thing that's left for tae dae
Dissect an bisect it an' separate the strays

Ah'll clean up the precinct wae gall n' wae verve
It's thame that's
 Lasses are lonely and dowie and wae.
 Nae daffin', nae gabbin', but sighin' and sobbin',
 Ilk ane lifts her leglin, and hies her away. 

ubt ssuh 

Wae ja kkoo mi lyun gat gae ha ni 
Da ga juh ga yuh gi doo ji ma 

Nae gae dol ah wah la go mal ha myun 
Nun geu nyang geu lul deut han
return to the ground

All along the key at Peterhead,
the lassies stand around
Wae their shawls aw poo'd aboot them,
and their sawt tears runnin' doon
has gone untae the castle
Word has gone untae the ha'
"Thaney has lain wrang wi' a stranger
She has let her snood doon fa'"

"Wae be tae the wanton
Moreugesseo dodaeche wae ireoneunji 
Galsurok jeomjeom jeungsega shimgakhae
Niga haru jongil nunape areungeoryeo
Neoeui soriga deullyeo

(How you wanna be?)
Geu geh pa ro na yeot teon keol wae mol ra 
I've got you lady
Don't go far away from me 
Never don't go

Diamond briguettes 
Rolex o
geolgesseo neol naega naega gatgesseo

Motchama deoneun naega ireoda jeongsineul nochyeo naega
Dodaeche wae neoran aega naemaeume bakhyeo niga
Or [A]some kind of  [B7]tumbling  down the[E] wa[E7]ll
But it [A]ain't on your [B7]account that I'm [E]leaving if I'm [A]leaving
[E]Rain don't [A]fall for
My dear mither, my dear mither
I hae killed my faither dear
Alas and wae is me
I hae killed my faither dear
My dear mither, my dear mither
I hae
naman yeogi nama isseo

[HS] Wae geuttaen neoreul japji motaesseulkka (why)
Neol tteonabonaegoya huhoehaneun naega
Ireokeneun miss you
(I miss you, I
earn my trust
Stop trippin you can wae the bun
Sit back in the smoothe ride
Hit the block for ya homies hollarin two time
And i ain't thinkin bout ya

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