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bird up in the tree
Dead mans song that he sings for me
Burn the fat and play that voodoo banjo

She undressed by candle light
Incense sweet perfume
jumped from
The highest shelf
Until I touched string 12
This magnificent tree
Appeared in my mind
Even without leaves
ITS strength was divine
an apeman, I'm an ape, apeman, oh I'm an apeman
I'm a King Kong man, I'm a voodoo man, oh I'm an apeman
'Cause compared to the sun that sits in the sky
By the side of the road 
And she don't need to need like the roses

That girl's sure put a spell on me
Yeah, her voodoos hidden right
By the side of the road 
And she don't need to need like the roses

That girl's sure put a spell on me
Yeah, her voodoos hidden right
Standing there by the broken tree,
Her hands were all twisted, she was pointing at me.
I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes.
ever said i do
To that little blonde plastic voodoo
And his mind's gone fishin'
Well it started just as plain as the nose on your face

Now it's in
and counting out years that buries me alive
In the light of your humble and proud handful of mispronounced words
And I fall to my knees in the shade of a tree
the man's corpse apart
Piece by piece
Limb by limb
Until nothing remained
And his blood melted into the ground below

The gallows was made from a tree
like this could even make the devil commit suicide 
hung from a tree on Johannesburg with no parachute 
Big-Bigfoot captured by UFO's 
Haloes were
A voodoo shaman
Got in trouble so he's going out
Mixing up and Haiti! Oh!
And the crickets
Buddy Holly said it was
Br' br' yee'

If music could talk
really believe
That she's above the creatures that work the dirt and the streets
See her up in the tree, looking down at you and me
Like she's chosen over
talking 'bout the Porsche out here
You in the nosebleeds, come down to where the cross-eyed is
How a nigga with a rojo rag end up in Soho
Bag, any bitch
coat black"
Jupiter, keeps her fat beats by the pack
Where I'm from, nappy hair is life
We be reading Marx where I'm from
The kids be rockin Clarks
Bundle in the bushes, chopper up in the tree
AK'll light up your chest like E.T.

[E-40] White girl (x4)

(?White girl" continues to repeat x12 in
In my lungs go the drugs like the red chief
Red leaf lettuce blood money on the bench seat
12 courses laid up on the long table
Aged wine got me
you wish for karma's a bitch
They shot him at 5 but he died at six
I'd rather be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6
What kind of ammo did they use?
tornadas, hand grown tomatas 
Post Office Lady, Flatonia Next Right.
Two horses noddin' at a leafless tree,
Waitin' in vain to be taken from the rain.
Okay, welcome to my 12 bar
The beat, wears it like a kevlar
As I smoke my tree, medlar, South African
Coughing 'til there's pains in my fucking
took delight,
Unawed by shame or fear
Till a new object met my sight,
And stopped my wild career.

3. I saw one hanging on a tree,
In agonies
floating in the S.E., now let's see
Half of y'all niggas built your vine from my stress tree
Faggots, homos, yo, my flavor liver than adobo
Stay militant
of a slave on a ship
back in the days at times waking up is slap in the
face/ but the passion of one whose flesh was torn away
by the cat of 9 tails
Penny-loafers didn't bring no luck, 
Should I throw him a rope?
Nope, hell no, not me
I'm rollin' on rollin' on by, yee yee

He don't put a good dip in
black tee, Ball in his black tee
It ain't just me pimping we all got a black tee

[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
And I got a 1-2 Bun
Got 36 O's for the 2-1