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oh yeah

Then I peep to little miss muffin, fresh out the oven
Can I take a bite? 'cause you look so scrumptious
Voluptuous, I'm loving it
Now you've
oh yeah

Then I peep to little miss muffin, fresh out the oven
Can I take a bite? 'cause you look so scrumptious
Voluptuous, I'm loving it
Now you've
The Handsome Prince was preparing to engage in this splendor when all of a sudden he noticed a beautiful and quite voluptuous maiden traveling
see the things they never see

With us, the world feels voluptuous
I just feel more, with us
It's a feeling that I've come to trust
(Sensuous, sexy, voluptuous)

When you got it, you got it
Seduce me baby
Seduce me

Just to get my attention, send
flexible we try-angles like Bermuda
And the V is for Vanessa, voluptuous Vanessa
The W's for Wintour, I'm under the weather
And the X is for my exes, fuck
Voluptuous, a yuh Jamaican mon watch out
Whaddat, whaddat, whaddat, whaddat, whaddat
Rik Rok, Shaggy

This cutie with the booty, she had me standin'
nigga what?
Pick up your guns now WHAT THE FUCK!?!

[Chain Gang Platune]
Voluptuous vixen, wear my dime pair, watch it like Nixon
Niggas mad cause
you voluptuous New York City slit...
Why did'nt you tell me before?
It was so hard to tell with your little blousey-poo on,
But.. now that I see you...
a club to rush 
It's like thugs will rush the illustrious 
We all love to touch the voluptuous 
It's a must that we lust, plus we love to crush 
of a voluptuous disease 
With a green vapor, made her feet light 

Baby want more 

Baby was it in the closet. 
Baby get it there, baby tag it, 
Baby got it
I want to tell you a story
About a little cutey
She's ass-slappin' pretty
And voluptuous fingers
Want to let her lick me
Stick the thick of my
bring it back then
I'll break your neck like you're Busta Bust
I'm on the floor with a chick that's voluptuous
Tell yo', keep the music pumpin'
We got
you never care
Pandora's box reveals a new surprise
Can't wait to see your eyes, now you've been tantalized
For a hundred and one voluptuous days I
the voluptuous girls a smile at
Any bwoy nuh like dat, him gone pon ice box
We can be dangerous like how the night black
We will dip and come up
Select and slide
With voluptuous face
He's a concrete ?
And he's the king of the world

Just a runaway world x4
take off my shirt, she strips right down to the thong
I marvel at her body, voluptuous curves
Shes a real woman, no doubt about it, her 
Confidence is
in the penitentiary

It was true, she was quite voluptuous
And it was true, she had eyes for me
Then one night at a dance she walked up to me
And ask
an ocean?
Was she still a scandal still a disgrace?

Was she still as impossible, still as voluptuous?
Still as helpless and full of fears?
Was she still
'super model' means voluptuous but is also is synonymous with
'Super dumb'
Ya see I'd be a good listener so she'd treat me like a sister and soon
with you
I'll own up to it
You voluptuous
They not down for the curves but I'm up to it
Come gimme all that
You the only girl I'll call back
I tell
I'm buckin' them thighs
For a visit later she replied
To see her undressed
I just couldn't deny 'cause she possessed
The most voluptuous
the tushes?)
Lookin' voluptuous in capri's and petal pushers
Hair brushes had us watchin' for the black and whites
Evadin' the sobriety checks and spotlights
would be voluptuous
With some D double cups
Yeah them double cups they wonderful
Say baby won't you take me to your bungalo on the under though
We don't

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