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Припев [NEPTUNE]:

True Volley (yah)
True Volley (yuh)
True Volley (бля)
True Volley (yuh)

True Volley (yah)
True Volley (yuh)
True Volley (бля)
Molly is the best!

Molly loves to volley, Molly loves to volley,
Molly, Molly, Molly, loves to volley.

Down at the Academy, all
Yeah, You know I like it like that
When God sets the volley I just spike it like that
You dig? You know I like it like that
God sets the volley I
Hot like a tamale 
I'm balling ain't no volley 
You niggas is runna ups 
Niggas ain't in front of us 
Yo bitch rolling dutches up 
Please pass me my
Running through the sand
With a bible in your hand
Shadows shoot from your feet
As the spears block out the heat
From a volley of arrows
To the Valley
bitch volley, я курю дерьмо Vesuvius

Наркота, какоин, я закручиваю блант

I'm killed, killer bullet, лучше чем оригинал

Мы накурим, killed movie, и в
you like I love volleyball (Volleyball)
But you know, I don't love it anymore (Anymore)
Yeah we know, I love volley a ball (A ball)
Woah Woah, yah
Pass it like a volley
De nada, de nada eh
De nada, de nada
De nada, de nada eh
De nada
And I ain't ever had to flex looking like I'm making waves
This is the section for them niggas that don't pop no molly
I know if I serve bet your girl will volley 
I know you ain't got no job thats peace
de Janeiro de janeiro a janeiro é
Volley, futebol, pagode, carnaval, beleza e samba no pé

Rio, quem te viu quem te vê
Só pode aprovar
Que é o que vai
and said, my sons!

The Motherland will never forget you!
There is nowhere to retreat, Moscow is behind us!
And to their death they stood under the volleys
oh oh oh

Play the bugle, play the taps 
Make your mothers proud
Raise your rifles to the sky, boys
Fire that volley loud

News was bad
Vollspann aus der letzten Reihe
Der geht volley, volley, volley in die Fresse rein
Du kennst mich oder du kennst mich nicht, aber wenn nicht, dann verpiss
to watch them cheeks volley
It's time to get violent but hardly

I just move how I move
My perception is the groove
Always aiming to improve
Who cares you
a volley
Making our own like we Scottie
Your smile lookin hella bright yea
It's an acolyte
My life is the candlelight amen
She is a dime-piece
Our bling go
Firing the guns - crack open the sky
Releasing a volley of bullets
Shredding the flesh - puppets of death
Raining a cloud of dead bodies
Nuclear warheads
Volleys of arrows
Rain down from the sky
Momentum of the crusaders
Taking control of the battlefield
Flanking the crusaders their lines begin to break
Hell yea I wanna Rollie and kinda want a Audemar 
Work all night and party hard 
Serving first like volley ball 
Right now I don't wana hear shit
Stepping to me that's unsuccessful
I'm coming clean with a leap smack down just like volley ball
With God on my side I'll heal so quick just like
We'll play the death march as we carry him along
Take him to the churchyard and fire three volleys o'er him,
For he was a sailor cut down in his
And with love and some care and reasoning
We'll figure it out, boy am I right?

Then, chips go down, and fuels some unrest
Back and forth like volley in
your friend
You've never felt something like this

Volley in the beach, hanging out and drinks
I would've never imagined
Life could become such
at peace with it all so surely 
I've taken all that was said and I don't regret the volley
But this time I felt the overflow, oh no

Caught up in despair
spell that you cast)
You're like a gangster's molly with a cannonade volley
(the spell that you cast)

I don't think I can take it
How am I going

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