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of what we are

Could a mathematical formula
Improve our existential stamina
Would explaining our kin universally
Keep up our vital vivacity
Or would
Forcing trough filters to see if it cleanses anything
Leaning on vivacity

The mind's electricity clearing the vanity,
Grasping the world through
Tightening their grasp

A sensation like drowning
Grips me inside, grips me inside
Stealing my vivacity
Grips me inside, grips me inside

A thick shroud
A spectacular son et lumiere of vivifying vivacity 
a whizzbang dazzling display of explomongous luminosity . . . 
A buttress breaching barrage
freely give
Long lost vivacity

Lost in a world that's been scorched to black
Lost in myself until I finally find
A guide in you and gratitude is mine
To brutality
I've been blistered and burnt
And hold no vivacity
With two keen firearms
Ash will be Ash
Dirt will be Dirt
As long as I get paid the kid won't get
I've lost all hope in this vivacity 
Drifted far away 
Will I ever find my way 

I'd burn the world just to keep you on the outside 
This is what you've

Vitality being spirited away

As the sun shines
Always there will be a time when someone has to go
But it will not be goodbye, and it will not be
carried too much weight, he made up for this natural weightiness by an innate vivacity, and alleviated this physical defect by the rare quality of his
À la base, c'était un contrôle et ce débile il tire
Au guichet, postiché, ça veut l'Infiniti
Ça rôde comme des loups sur un Vivacity
C'est pas l'cul

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  • Does Vivacity define/mean our most lively part of our vitality? If so, do these terms express how healthspan is distinguished from our human lifespan?
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