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reminiscing bout the times I felt
This drug has me feelin how I'm supposed to feel
Vitalize my soul and my mind I'm healed 
Had to stay focused on myself
insisted there's no problem
Yes, I would lie 'Cause I've used up my battery
Energize me, Energize me
I can't keep up the pace
Vitalize me, vitalize me
in my life
Respect the grind
I know what’s gonna help me vitalize
Not be all my hard work’s demise
They wanna know me
Own me
No one wants to join
commerciality, commerciality

Sell and revitali-, vitalize and home pride
From tractors to tea-bags, from here to eternity, oh god, help me
Choke the life out 'it
Revive it and vitalize 'it
Prop it up proper so you guys'll idolize it
I'm not at all surprised that you're modelled after my
Vitalize your benevolent thoughts today
Encrust the encumbrance that encroach your brain
A devastated world we'll see in tomorrow's society
I've cleared my bag of tricks
And have had too many drinks
Found nothing there for me to vitalize
Place an arm around your hips
Like tomorrow won't
this shit
Got a albondingas
Staring at that ass on that mama cita
Vitalize me cyanide sangria
I am not sorry for my demeanor
Almost only counts in hand
the scene
Minds aligned like it’s 3:15
I vitalize the things you still dream
Big dawg
I feel like
Hunnid racks
Count the stacks
Big dawg
I just might
Stack it
it's how you should do

Shedding truth, upon, this light
Vitalize this lightt
This light

Today's everything is never much in hindsight
When you get
the ground been a boss, renting venues
Paying rappers, then its steakhouse for the menu
Competition call them appetizers, cause they been food
to vitalize you should hear me now
Didn't hear a word that I said you gon hear me now
I could say that shit that he never spoke
I could say that shit that he
to show em' what I got going on
Gonna stick it to it, my turn to set the tone
I'm gonna get it going, no more losing control!

Vilatize will vitalize
the unreal
Vitalize us, canonize us
Ignorance's not bliss, it's devil's kiss
Heroize us, divinize us
Step into new world, to new world now
No one can put
And the science couldn't tell you why
'Stead to try to get some sleep, vitalize
What you speak, how you 'have
Doesn't matter what they say
Just keep on let em
Mobilizando dezenas, conectando milhares

Vitalize, reorganize, mande um salve pro Brown
Se esquive, mentalize então sinta o grave mil grau
Uns com legalize,
the time
取り戻しな vitalize
don't mind 今日も笑っとけ
to get my teeth in you
Necking is the thing to do
Even though they never know it
Positive or not

You and I coagulate
Vitalize a dying rate
And vitalize my thesis of the effects of strictning nicotine
On a human frame with an armor pleaded bloodstream
And I'd like to thank the competition for being
Quick stop gotta purchase more supplies
I'm looking to myself to vitalize
I'm drinking only fossil fuel
Saturn daily paper gave it rave reviews
quick stop gotta purchase more supplies
i'm looking to myself to vitalize
i'm drinking only fossil fuel
saturn daily paper gave it rave reviews

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