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yeah yeah 끌어당겨 visualizer
yeah yeah 끌어당겨 visualizer
눈을 감어 또 끌어당겨 visualizer
내 머릿속의 책갈피
한 장씩 넘어가야돼 쉴 수없네
밤이 나의 친구 여태 한창 술만
퍼먹고 토했지 웩
자신에게 물어봤지 칼
Keep us spinning like a helicopter
We all jenova you can call us mother
The world's fucked we the visualizer
Mercenaries can never faulter

I been
Tranquillized and I'm tired
I wanna be an outsider
Being the visualizer
Always first to get gone
Staying still is too high risk
On repeat
See through, glowin visualizer
Never realize cause she always Hypnotizer
Drink two, cannot recognize her
Fallin in her eyes cause she got me
Baby you're my
Number one vibe
Baby it's sexual

Oh me oh my oh
Where oh where did
You come from
You get me higher
Hey oh hey oh
Got me dumb
I'm a visualizer, can't fit I'm wider I'm a  geek no climber,  I'm a womanizer
Eating toxic spider, only tribe is wilder I'm with the flowers, in
the speed, there's no limit (not today)
We the vision visualizers, please get with it (no AFK)
I'm all about that action, get to business
You went from first
We on a mission right (We on a, we on a)
We on a mission right (We on a, we on a)
We on a mission (We on a, we on a)
Yo, set it off
I'm the visualizer
that thing tighter
Reality no be visualizer 
You rolling with a KING
My baby girl you rolling with a fighter
We got the party lit like a lighter oh
게워내지 술에 취해 너를 다시 
눈 뜨면 다시 
아침이 오는 거 때문에 난 떨지
혼자인 게 싫어 사랑했지 
누구라도 날 구해줘 save me

"L" doesn't mean love

Visualizer in YouTube
Directed by OHIOMOOD
This is my sport
Mission report: y'all not the sort
(Let me tell ya')
Admit it, I beat you (dumb ass) - gotta Visualizer: I see through
I stole your
And I got that good shit if ya really want it
In a natural form, lively and not bionic

Visualizer like AZ, with the years I became
what you gonna do?
뭐 어쩔건데
pass out 잠에서 난 깼어
i don't wanna be clout chaser
야비한 게으른 놈들의 밥그릇 뺐어
됬어 원하면 이루고 봐야만해
visualizer 새로운 내
다른 내 모습도
Cash out
Quiero que cada uno de los visualizers se pinte un cuadro
Vale, entonces ahora dentro de un rato te lo envío para que lo veas
Y es como eso, pintar un
All rights reserved by the artist @CassinoMcs
Visualizer lágrimas triste
skills are concise
Hmm hmm hmm
I'm a visualizer
I've never been any good
Listening to the teacher
Should I fight for you or get a van
And help you moving
Liryc completo família no YouTube com o visualizer 
Produção da 1/4 Records
Agradeço a todos que curtem o trabalho ;
   Essa música foi baseada em um
I might hide, it could be fun
While the world turns upside down

I'm a visualizer
I project my colors all at once
I'm unique, I am the one
So vibe
visualizer, hear the word painted picture
Get shocked, I brought it to life
Like a permanent fixture, get aftershock through the night
Like a two on the Richter
Ngilhmawh Itna (Official Visualizer)

V1: Muikhua hong zing ciang in,Nang tawh sabang tat na-ah
Khattang sawlbang ka hei,Lungzuang in luankhi nul zel
movies and write scores
Tarantino shit, Scorsese these psych wards
Shutter Island visualizer, Pulp fiction needle drop
Adrenaline junkie, Ving Rhames with
a habilidades
Tengo capacidades infinitas en detalles
Mis videos están cabrones no creo en visualizer
Si fuera por mí yo estuviera en los cypher
No quiero ser
conceito da mulher de atitude que não tem medo de se transformar para alcançar seus objetivos. Um visualizer acompanhará o lançamento. Para a divulgação,
I'm the son and I'm shining brighter 
I'm a vid, you the visualizer 
I'm small you the bigger liar
You turn right, but im the writer
Some nights I

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