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You violated nigga gotta get you
Wet all my niggas
Quick step at yo doorstep no
Sweat fuck nigga fuk
What you rep for the gang i bust Your brain
I sit and wonder why
I'm feeling violated

I'm looking behind
With a blank face
That you left to borrow
Watching today
Can't make you happy 
If I can't make myself 
Don't wait for me 
Don't don't wait for me 
They violated 
Still I can't break myself 
Don't wait for
leave me
But then u migrated
I drown myself in this liquor tryna stay hydrated
U put me through sm pain girl u just violated
Was hypnotized by ur love
and you too can shine
So violated, the way we burned out from its fire
So violated, the way we killed the sun
So violated, the way we burned out from its

So violated, the way we burned out from its fire
So violated, the way we killed the sun
So violated, the way we burned out from its fire
Your body is private.
Your mind is sacred.
You should be violated.
You should be violated.
You should raped.
You should be raped.
I need you.
Violated. Far from O.K.
Bloody lip, gagged and bound
Bloody lip, gagged and bound
Bloody lip. bite the ball
Far from O.K.
my memory, forced in my memory
He violated me, he violated me
I don’t feel pretty, I feel shitty
I don’t hate him, just what he did to me
I don’t feel
the people causing it
And fuck who ain't been caring, bitch

This a fucking ventilation
And everyone been violated
But I'm feeling kind of different
Bout all
I feel violated 
I feel violated 
I feel violated 

I feel invaded
When you're in my home
Remember myself
Naked, ashamed, a friend

If you don't
Mastermind, you flow ain't polished I mastered mine
My last design gave me this classic vibes
Niggas violated, we has to slide (brrt)
Niggas violated
to cover
the unbearable bitterness of our real essence

Crystals of ice floating in a tide
of chance and fate - that’s what we are
Unique, fragile, violated
to the
Stranded. Violated
Shit. Violated
Down in a home
Inhuman hole
Bring down the human

Because I sleep
With these handcuffs on
And I piss
With these
blank give up
Foot or I'm gonna shoot. (PreChorus)
You can't see -
Beaten down for
own me
I will refuse you and laugh as you cry
You've violated but now I'm stronger
I take my life back and watch as you fall

Your time will come,
to smoke with me
To the dawgs with the pre-rolled blunts in the air bumping this like we don't care
Dirty piss violated again I'm in the system and I just
I can't believe what you did to me
Down on my knees and I need to break free
All these years you violated me
(violated me)
I don't know why I can't
Betrayed for my life
You took away my fight
My entire structure dismantled
I though I had it handled
I was violated
I miscalculated
How fucked up
Violated me and broke my heart through bad times yeah
Really thought I'd have you around until my last rhymes yeah

I'll spit them bars alone 'till
And the way you acted man you really owe me
Cause I could’ve violated but you know me
I don’t wanna have to go back to the old me
Before we loved each other we
singing hope they send em to the can they type shady
No more love for these niggas They violated
They try coming around with Lying faces
Bring the subject
Gloomy Sex 

Pathologic behavior
Gloomy Sex
Violated corpses
Open tombs
Viscous putrit bodies and stinking
Gloomy Sex
Your cold bodies being invaded
wanna be violated
And then you pretend to hate it
You really good at faking
You don't want a yes girl
You don't want a yes girl no no no no

You told me

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