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Darling let me know
If there's anything your heart needs
I'll work vigorously
Just to keep you happy
Just let me know
If there's a dream you
When I get high, I like to go on strolls
I tread vigorously to reach my destination
My mind begins to drift as I forget where I’m going
Somehow my
tryna steal a kiss
But I’m so gone I can’t read my wrist
So we settle for her to dance on me vigorously (Vigorously)
Shook at how perfect her figure it be
to hit, glass shattered your hit
Smash any splitter or fastball, that'll be it
Didn't figure the ridiculous flow will hit vigorously
Round round round we go
So clued up but obliviously
Systematically and vigorously
Society behaves so hideously
Quick to move prove nothing that
Round round round we go
So clued up but obliviously
Systematically and vigorously
Society behaves so hideously
Quick to move prove nothing that
ribbon on it. she mounts it on top of her head, tying the ribbon in a neat bow below her chin. ready at last, she humps the brie

And it's fuckin' insane!

Shot out in,a broken world
messed up and dead
it makes you hurl!
Vigorously,wept for a cure
Melodramatic enimies
the anger
a prehistoric goblin
From Mars with a Martian eyeball
And it's just like a jelly fish nailed to a wall


I see a spider-man vigorously jumping
Those who parade their positions, show their Spades
A large flock of MC's, they figure to be taught
It ain't hard to see why I'm vigorously
as vigorously as we condemn riots
But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard
to flay your whole body and head
Vigorously carving this fresh human flesh, I am one with the dead

Stabbed in the throat
For no reason but to kill, for
Vigorously splayed

Metaphorically screw you

All you can eat,
On all you can feast
Tongue-lashed till you're
Fucking swayed
There's a sea
it tricks you with its little gifts
Then kicks you when you fuss or fidget, picket it or be its critic
The fists will come down vigorously, little
The black spores flow vigorously into their lungs
Infection mushrooms that root, spreading through the body
The black spores flows through their
Rigorously, rap fiends fend their trap beats, pen triplet feats resembling similar machines
Vigorously, the lack of a sizeable gap in artistic treats make
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Suddenly there's no time for me
I got tired of waiting
(So tired)
Vigorously I reach out to thee
And yes the U is on my ass, Keep my teeth cleaner than my jeans
Got my fam behind me, they won't hesitate to let it ring
They be vigorously moving, don't
And I'm lickin' her cliterous vigorously
When I was a fetus I met Jesus
And he told me everything would be okay
Years later
I played tug of war with
what lies ahead
The valley of the dead

My lips quiver and my eyes shut tight
My body shakes vigorously

Abhorrent specters causing me to vomit
Woke up on a Sunday afternoon
While the birds chirp vigorously
I'm tired of finding something new
I wish you can say the same
If we find a way to go
If I work this vigorously
The rigor will trigger
A blow in the seams
Of my reality, finally
All I need is to see
Take a moment count to three
But if I
complacently is our need today
Leadership not salesmanship
And the only valid test
Of leadership is the ability to lead
And lead vigorously
Just you and me in our underground bunker
We've got everything we need
Just rub yourself against me  

I can't believe it's come to this

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