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How does it feel viewless seeing

Fade out end of the row
Another good day I guess so
I got beamed up to outer space
It's getting closer it's in
words viewless 
Ice on my neck you blind 
You clueless 

Go fast 
I'm geeking 
Laugh homie for no reason
I shine woe like a beacon 

Cinematic when I kill it like Kula
They go manic, they don't win, I'm in it
Overtime when I dunk and it's scenic, ayy, ayy

I cannot pretend if
blade on me
Cuz I’m so clueless
I’ll knock yo shit back
Leave you fucking toothless
Faced down on the ground
Now you're fucking viewless
I’ll really do
Me I was viewless battle someone with viewers
His Mum be Dustin his Will when I'm holding the Mike cos her son can't hold shots like he Lucas
Hahaha Haaa! You don't care that you're clueless, your mind is viewless you're unconducive
We're saying goodbye to you
to do
When his whole fucking crew is so useless
They tell me it's hubris
To me, it's the music; without it, the days are all hueless
Horizons are viewless
before tryna get Me locked

I got new drip, and I got your New bitch
Where she go ha bitch you Clueless 
You been juiceless and you been Viewless you gonna
you did
They still blind in the front
While they still finding and choosing
Don't know why I'd give two shits
It's really fine that I'm viewless
getting recognize back then I was viewless
Thankful for my blessings rocking Js when people shoeless
My bitch bad like Kim Possible she got a mole I call it
long, who can hardly win	
The white one flame, and the night-long crying
The viewless passers; the world's low sighing	
With desire, with yearning
How can a mother be so so clueless
How can a brother be so damn viewless
I'm leaving home
I'm leaving home
brutal information
I'm Ruthless ruleless cuz I feel vacant
Clueless viewless youth is such a poison 
Gimme something potent 
Bright lights take me from

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