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gotta squeeze that lemon juice in my game?

Now once upon a time when I was lookin' very fly
I saw a girl almost as dope as me, she caught my eye
Combined versions from Norman Blake and Doc Watson

A group of jolly cowboys discussing plans at ease
Said one I'll tell you something, boys, if you
love song of the year
I used to laugh I used to cry
I used to laugh, these feelings passed me by
From now on I'll make it very clear 'cause' I don't
the very best
The best guitar picker in this whole county

I would sit there by the hour pickin' wildwood flower
Wore my little fingers to the bone
bump bumpity bump bump over the hills with snow santa clause is comin to town 8 x's Have a holly jolly christmas its the best time of the year oh by
jolly Christmas
It’s the best time of the year
Have a holly jolly Christmas
It’s the very best time of the year
till I am the very best
The best banjo picker in this whole country
[ banjo ]
I said someday I know I'll win my fame one day all the world will know my
featuring Blake see  Jay Z  Mr. Bristal 

[Blake C] 

What you sayin'? 

Roc A Fella (uh huh) 

Gener al (uh huh) 

B.I.G. (right on)
or sequester
A drop of a precious year
But when your best days are yester
The rest is twice as dear
What good is a field 
On a fine summer night
If you sit
He liked icicles and snow

He liked wolves and eagles and grizzly bears
And critters and creatures that crawled
Why bugs were some of his very best
On her own, very soon, then I?ll sing her this simple tune Chorus: 18 years and another cup of coffee she?ll be keepin? it together fueled by love
His inner spirit was saying
That he couldn't stand here long

He staggered to the quarterdeck
No time now to sleep
Water on the quarterdeck
Thank you very much
This next song was written by a man right here in Folsom prison
And last night was the first time I've ever sung this song
Five years down the road
There's gonna be a little one and she
Says it's time to go
Doctor says the baby's fine
But you'll have to leave
'Cause his
And hoping for the very best 
Closing time is drawing near 
As I sit alone with all the rest 


When it comes to your love 
I feel
officers would like to say a word
Now would be the time to be heard"
"Thank you chief, I sure would
He was a partner of mine
He was always very careful
Way out in New Mexico a long time (D) ago
When a (G) man's only friend was his (D) own forty- (G) four

Now when Billy the Kid was a very young lad
a time of joy, but for me it's bittersweet

At Christmas, I'm still reminiscing
'Bout everything we used to be, c'est la vie
Yeah, I've spent all year
Mama and papa spent the very best years of their life on the west Texas farm
Tryin' to scratch a livin' from the black land dirt that traded them
years ago this date
Changed his name into a number then he became my prison mate
Somehow I knew he wasn't guilty from the very day he came
Yet they
She makes my life so sweet
And a little baby daughter
Who plays games around my feet

And my world is very different
From lost lazy bachelor years
One time I was in the checkout line
Behind Steven Seagal
Once I'm pretty sure Mr. Jonah Hill
Was in the very next bathroom stall
My best friend's
sounding very good,
They look very good, and kids over there really appreciate good music and
Stuff. and I think the next time we're gonna play
Us girls have been best friends
Since the last time big hair was in
We know each other very well

Old hurts and brand new flames
Big jobs and baby
don't mind if you have to tell someone 
I had to tell someone.
That's why I'm telling you.
Times were different then, and I was very young,
But I'm

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