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stars in sight
Feel the vastness of the ocean
There's no moon tonight
You feel so old
Standing here
In the icy cold

Abject terror
Abject terror


You're like the Arctic
You're like the sea
And I'm the midnight sun
There is this vastness
And when I breathe
The frost envelops me

No, it's not
the vastness
As I leave it all behind
Running blindly to what waits, devouring
To stand alone, ready to fight
Ready or not here I come

A festering future
eyes to comprehend
The vastness of Your love for us, it fullness knows no end
Name above all names, the Truth, the Life, the Way, Perfector of our faith

Explore the vastness of space
Discover a wonderful grace
Enter a brand new phase
See the world with a newborn race

Explore the vastness of space
Look at them now
Look at them do 
Look they found the dove 
Their vastness too 
Whirlpools whirl 
And dragnets drag

Love me do oh love me do
pours the wine onto my flesh I bathe in the stream I wash away the ash  Throughout the vastness of time - Alone Throughout the vastness I climb - Alone
the blackness)
There's a wind that never dies
(There's a wind that never dies)
Out in the vastness
(Out in the vastness)
There's a road across the sky
A Type I civilization, also called a planetary civilization,
Can use and store all of the energy available on its planet
Vastness beckons, enticing
the vastness of space 
A boy drummer woke up like morning coffee, in sync and he began to see color 
Hello once again the feeling of...
The feeling of summer,
the vastness all around
Listen closely you can hear the sound
Calling you into the voided space
Far beyond the concrete jungle scape

Can you
Continue with this
to the Dark

Engulfing the vastness with the tendrils of night
Virtue-tempered minds, subdued by his might
Exhume the once great kingdom, of memories lost
I open my eyes and look at the sea
The vastness of the continuum
A breach on the edge of the sky
A passage to immortality
Valkyrie riding across
Step beyond
The nebula
Lost in the storm
Storm of plasma
All in the air
Lightning flashes beyond
Energy rising
As the river flows
Infinite vastness
It reverberates in my head this sense of vastness
Eyes can't grasp the distance
Surroundings spin in a macabre dance

I loathe life, malicious intent
a snapshot in mind
a throne
something to hold
in the vastness of time

deep in the black seas
universal waves
drawn to a page
to our age
to a song
the angst be spreaded.

I alone have seen the world devastate
Scattered in the vastness of nowhere
I alone have witnessed the last light
Before it died inside
an adventure
A never ending treasure
With endless discovery
My heart is wide open
I receive you with an amen
The vastness of your mystery

Your love is
the vastness of outer space

All my life I've been a star
Holding a light up in the dark
While I try to keep clear
Of all the waves in your atmosphere
When I was young I would stand alone
With visions of worlds that were all my own
The lights in the sky weren't that far away
Living in the vastness
the bay 
From the future flying in and i might appear today

Tight acoustics in the vastness
Moving freely round the cabin
Cosmo cold verbal heat in
to come
In the state of obsession
Watch out
The vastness engulfs you
Can you imagine when the light fades?
Everyone is waiting for the ending
Sometimes I lay awake at night
I think about the vastness of life
Always left with a question in mind
What does it take to really feel alive
How can
through the vastness of the sky
Save your life
Freefalling straight into hurricane’s eye
Stay alive
I’m tumbling to certain demise
Constant turning
How can

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