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Kryptonian, but she has a man
But I can be her fan, "Personal Superman"

She's independent 
Doesn't need a variant Superman
The idea is so alien, she has
has a man
But I can be her fan, "Personal Superman"

She's independent 
Doesn't need a variant Superman
The idea is so alien, she has a husband
I waste
Mentality of mamba snakes, ain't no other variant
Pistolvania 33, my jersey Lower Merion
Isolation, down a couple, Kobe gonna carry em
Matty Barnes
Animate experiment
Metamorphic freak
Chimaeric chameleon
Variant unique

Mutate into the future
Shed obsolescent skin
Protean, post-human hybrid
I'm in the star star light
I'ma make friends wit this alien
I had ponder the variants 
I had to get me a whole new view
There's nothing holding you
gallery, no memories on the roll (Ay, yeah)
Look around me, people living out their lives
"Oh look, a new variant!" Well now, ain't that a damn surprise

Well wait for you a hare
Your soul in on my hardware
You half fanfare  
This is variant spare

Wait wait go loot
Wait care so good
My justice mood
Mask on mask off
Mask on mask off
Mask on mask off
Delta variant blasting off
A 5th variant dashing off
People scared when people cough
It's a hoax
I analyzed you assessed
We blamed Asians
The world got complacent
Our bad habits probably created the damn variant
Self-inflicted; ridiculous, proud
Well, I don't think that I know you or variants of you
Well, it's been long, but I'm only passing through

The code Ritz now is for highways,
Varient suits shipped from in Italy
Not copying anyone I'm always who I want to be
Cs are the best but I will not pass the Bs
Ds in a special order
et t'es mon frein
À ce rythme je suis assuré qu'on se reverra tous en enfer
Alcool et bédo dans l'binks, les prix varient
Vingt-trois heures

Correct variant

A time to be reapin', a time to be sawin'
The green leaves of summer are callin' me home
It was good to be young then in
sings of a better world
Who sings of a peaceful world

Yeah, sure there may be some variants
Like colour of skin or the way we dance
At end
Correct variant

A time to be reaping a time to be sawing
The green leaves of summer are calling me home
It was good to be young then in the season
separate worlds
Spoken variants you hurl

Saw you hurl
These are variants of our times
Full of mistrust hatred and some lies
The heap of broken images
The jigsaw breaks again and it can't be fixed
fallout, a world without war.
tune: variant on Pretty Polly Perkin of Paddington Green
Copyright Sing Out
filename[ COMEFILL
play.exe COMEFILL
manuscripts there are more variants
But the more the merrier homie this is not a threat
This is strong evidence we posses the original text
Having these
on the road)
Bounce (all them cops is on the road)
Bounce, Bounce (cops, Falcon)

Back and I'm relaxed in East Atlanta
I'm an African American a variant
to tell me
that I couldn't keep her.

CHORUS (variant) Tell me how does it happen?
I can't tell you for sure,
but I don't shut my tail in the door any more.
Derbi Variant resseguim litoral
quan la festa local és un gran festival.
bussin that shit is bussin
Yeah that shit is bussin (Yum delicioso)
I like variants of music pussy weed and food
I'm an alienated human, never really fit
it's midnight and I still haven't moved
Here comes this new variant, don't want that shit, I wanna be immune
Fuck covid
I don't think that the UK's

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