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Containing a cavity of vacuity
There is nothing to be seen around

From first words to scratch fast
Sage won't last, nigh
Impressed by one side might
Dig your
My words fail
Your mouth is pale and on the cusp of vacuity, beauty thinly veiled

Harped on 'til bare, 'til a fair face worn swears it's lovelier
Illusion is our disguise
Irrelevant all of our lies
Anxiety behind the eyes
Never safe from dark knights

A look of vacuity
Hiding your fear
a focus
I'll master lyricology you will see
While your mind is all vacuity
Lacking purity, emotional security
Not risking lyrical obscurity
Now you're
of those he let see
Realm of vacuity
Sightless vortex of the unseen 

Summoning the serpents, gods of fantasy
Crawling chaos in an endless dream
To doom all
Petal, petal
Why did you fall down
Petal, petal
Crash and break down
Crash and break down
Consumed by the absence of your presence
Transcendent vacuity
You're surrounded
By a field of
Curious of
What this place is
You forget the
Fact that you have
Embrace the light
Embrace the light!
scream, the hope is


Emerged at random
Vacuity always stares
So I rose from the Ashes
And then I burnt again

Suddenly it will crystallize
Sprawling intestines of matter
Infinitesimal web-lines

Whirling flameless inferno
Vacuity unbound, abhorred
Insatiable hunger to erase
unforgiving sky

Cast our memory into vacuity
Erase the mark off the table
Away with everything
Reminiscent of our existence

The veil is wearing thin
The way we stand
The way we planned 
This crash course in vacuity

Break out of the cage
And show me that you believe 
We can be free
Set this place on fire
of effortlessness
No words needed, this feeling is beyond words anyway
The firmament, blazing high above me
My tiny piece of infinity, of vacuity
No escape,
Waiting for a signal
To call out your name
Not even a movement
Until another goes for you

Sit in vacuity
Not a move in sight
Watch the clock tick
The constant struggle dragging you down
Into this vacuity
Pushing through seeking victory
Decimate your weaknesses
Find you will to survive
ascends towards the sources

The doors of vacuity
Are out of your thoughts
Enter the infinite creation
Unlearning who you are
And let it flow
Till you're
critical vacuity

Everything, in a vast haze, famished for respite
In advance of peace, on the verge of privation
Insatiable combustion, blast, vapor
on high
formlessness forming suspended minefields
effervescent and childlike

float inwards towards vacuity
angels sing of gracious release
at night
Engulfed by vacuity I'm crush between the walls
To welcome the cleansing I embrace demise.

Shedding skin will show you how to thrive

And every
nothing but silence.

The deafening roar of vacuity freezes those that remain in time.
With baited breath they wait for that which will not come.

I no
On And On And On

I Don't Wanna Lose My Mind
No Drunken Alibi
My Life Is Tearing Up And Boiling Over
Moments Of Clarity
Mental Vacuity
My Head 's A Tinder Box
And I'm
An accumulation of assets
But still a groaning in our stomaches
Who knew vacuity inside would be so heavy

But may we strive for a greater gain
Free from the burden
withering vacuity,
and accept terms?

Shapeless forms 
are stubbing you from inside.. 
like an uncaptured radio wave
Who can see through

Don't fill this vacuity
Don't speak of insecurity
You know you'll be ok

Sincerely, voluntarily
We are messengers of merry
Thoughts of pleasure
if vacuity
Where I wished to have something to wish for

Have you ever wondered
What you really want
When it all comes down,
It comes down

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